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Dec 03, 2014  VEGETARIJANSTVO: POSTOJI LI RIZIK? Dragan Ivanov, mr. Med., specijalist interne medicine. Contact us EU-OSHA prepares, collects, analyses and disseminates information on occupational safety and health (OSH) issues, with the aim of improving OSH in workplaces across the EU. We suggest that you try looking for the information on our corporate website and on OSHwiki.

We believe that practicing Sustainable Development makes good business sense. In all our operations we consider each of these actions in making business decisions that demonstrate our commitment to the global Sustainable Development effort: Our business is the means by which we combine human ingenuity and natural resources to benefit mankind. Hence, economic responsibility dictates that we manage our business profitably to help drive economic growth and prosperity. We believe that innovation is essential to achieving sustainable economic success. We also invest extensively in research, development and new technologies as a foundation for future success.

Active, Open and Honest Dialogue with All Stakeholders. Bayer is committed to continually improving our ecological performance in accordance with the Global Charter Responsible Care as our product lines and related manufacturing operations evolve. We will continue to monitor how our operations impact the environment and strive for continuous improvements. The health and safety of our employees, neighbors, customers, consumers and stakeholders are paramount, as is our continued stewardship of the environment and the quality and safe handling and use of our products. We will continue to address our social responsibilities through our commitment to help our employees, customers and community neighbors meet their changing personal and professional needs.

Drajvera na blyutuz ivt2 7 0 13. We also will monitor and address the impact our business has on our plant neighbors, local communities and global society. To this end, we will continue to seek an active, open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders in appropriate forums. The Bayer Values and Leadership Principles are based on preserving and honoring the fundamental rights of every individual. Bayer will continue to seek to promote and protect human rights as defined in internationally accepted humanitarian standards set forth by the United Nations 1.

See also for add-ons (I'll include more over time) I've added a fully assembled door bolt to print. Vipadak na palyavanne perakaz. Either complete or just the bolt itself.

This Sustainable Development approach to conducting our business aligns with Bayer’s Mission Statement: “Bayer: Science for a better life.” 2 To assure that we continue to demonstrate continual improvement in the Economic, Ecological and Social Responsibility pillars of Sustainable Development, we have introduced customized management systems to monitor and control progress, document the achievement of objectives, and optimize employee efforts in these areas. And we remain committed to truthfully report on our sustainability performance to all interested parties. 1 See “Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations,” December 1948 2 See Corporate leaflet “Bayer: Science For A Better Life,” July 2004.

*Please read the updates* Blockupy, Frankfurt am Main, 19. Mai 2012 Dokumentation der Frankfurter Gemeinen Zeitung, 2012 UPDATE 1. Dear friends!

Thank you for your huge support and feedback. To the demonstration on this video: there were no rumpus or such, even if government warned the whole time. But there were some hundreds of arrests, mostly unsubstantiated, as far as I know. Just panic making. The fact is: this demonstration was really really peacefull. I will made english subtitles this week for you.

*coming soon* UPDATE 3. Dear friends. Thank you again for your solidarity. I just have to say about the police: they weren't supporting demonstration. They took their helmets off just because it was too hot weather. I don't want to destroy your hopes, I myself would really love if police would became supporters of protests (demonstrants even had pretty cool transparents 'Dear police, honestly, when was your last pay raise?'

But till now it wasn't so. They arrested hundreds of people instead. You can also see some cool pictures from this demonstration, made by my great friend: UPDATE 5. Dear people, thank you for comments, I appreciate your opinon.

But: please know, this was protest against the worldwide financial system, not against just the banks, you can even see in video bankers, who demonstrated against the system. Please, try to avoid the conspiracy theories about 'zionists' or something. Banks are not national, they aren't 'zionist', they aren't bound on an ethnic group. This prejudice leads away from the real problems.