Warcraft 2 Battle Net Edition Download Torrent

Warcraft 2 is a successor of the popular Warcraft real-time strategy game. The game contains many improvements over the previous version in graphics, sounds and playability. The Multiplayer was also greatly improved allowing up to 8 players in the marvelous multiplayer skirmish. This release contains the original 'Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness' along with the expansion 'Beyond the Dark Portal'. When the game starts, you will be asked to choose, which game to start. We are working hard to make this game available also for the Ancient.NET for great on-line multiplayer for everyone.

7/5/2016 4:31:00 PM - Caleb Since I assume you're running the game out of the browser and have installed it on your own machine, you downloaded the files that would be on the 'disc'. Copy all of these files into a folder somewhere (I installed Warcraft2 in C:/OldGames/War2 and put the disc files in C:/OldGames/War2/Disc). When running the game, mount C drive as normal, and then mount D drive as follows: mount D C:/OldGames/War2/Disc -t cdrom. This will treat that directory as your disc drive and if you've placed the disc files inside should allow you to play single player.

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6/19/2016 11:13:00 AM - Istvan Right, so this being dos, if the game directory nam is longer than 8 characters, perhaps becuase you named it Warcraft 2, then the lines in start.bat have to be changed to look like this::ONE imgmount D C: Warcra~1 IMAGES ToD.ISO -t cdrom W2 GOTO exit:TWO imgmount D C: Warcra~1 IMAGES DP.ISO -t cdrom W2 GOTO exit:THREE imgmount D C: Warcra~1 IMAGES DP.ISO -t cdrom if you mounted like this: mount C [path to warcraft dir] then it should be fine. Lookout for the message image not found when executing start.bat. 6/15/2016 8:09:00 AM - The game package includes the CD images in IMAGES folder.

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If you start the game with START.BAT in dosbox, the script will load the iso images automatically to dosbox virtual CD-ROM drive based on your initial selection. If you however do not use dosbox or do not use START.BAT or both, the isos will not be mounted automatically. So I suggest you to download dosbox (is available for MACs and Androids too) and start the game with START.BAT. Or you need to find out, how to mount the CD images in your emulator manualy. 2/5/2014 1:36:00 PM - AsgardBeast The CD request is an easy fix. The default START.BAT file that is provided is written assuming that the directory is mounted as the C: root directoy.

If you modify the START.BAT you can fix this issue and it will properly mount the ISO images regardless of how the files are mounted in DosBox. Find the lines in the START.BAT that begin with imgmount.

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And change them from 'imgmount D C: IMAGES ToD.ISO -t cdrom' to 'imgmount D. IMAGES ToD.ISO -t cdrom' and everything should work fine. I also took out the exit command from the very end of the file because I don't want it closing my DosBOX window when finished.