Download Driver Modem Speedup Untuk Windows 8

Is Your PC slowing down? As applications are used and installed, PCs usually slow down. Hard drives fill up with temporary files when you use games, spreadsheets, the Internet, work processing, or other programs. When these files are no longer needed, they rarely get removed.

This is just one of the more common ways in which PCs are slowed down. There are products you can purchase to speed and clean up a slow computer.

There are also freeware options that serve as powerful tools for registry defrags, cleaning hidden errors and system junk in the registry, updating drivers, and for conducting disk defrags. To learn more about causes of PC slowdowns and how to keep your PC running smoothly for free or next to nothing, read on. Cause of Slowdown: Reduction in Processing Power and Available Memory Solution: All Unused Applications Should Be Stopped Unless relocated by the user, you can locate the task bar at the bottom edge of your screen.

A group of small icons known as the system tray is located in the right side of the task bar. All of the programs that are running in the background or at least partially started are represented by an icon in the system tray. Each of these causes a reduction in resources, such as processing power and available memory, regardless of what state they are in. Resources are returned to the system once you exit, cancel, or close any of the unused icons. The applications you specifically started and are using can then use those resources. Click on the Process tab in your task manager, and end all of the processes that you can.

Download the latest drivers for your SpeedUp HSxPA USB Modem to keep your Computer up-to-date. Windows Driver Download Center. SpeedUp HSxPA USB Modem Drivers. Setelah installasi windows 8.1 selesai, ternyata Driver VGA nya terRemove, beda dengan waktu ane waktu install windows 8 Pro AIO, semua driver langsung terinclude, namun ini windows 8.1 Enterprise, begitu selesai, install, tampilan terlihat kusam, yang memang itu terjadi karena Driver VGA nya belum terinstall.

Other steps you can take include: • To disable or enable task bar processes and programs from automatically starting when you load Windows, there is a utility that is built right into Windows. Access the Run application either by going to the start menu or searching your apps.

Type “ MSCONFIG” in the box that appears and click OK. Search the names of any processes that you know nothing about. Since some processes are needed for your computer to function normally, do not disable a process unless you are sure of what it does. • When you are actively using just one program, such as video editing software or a game program, you can boost performance on your computer and temporarily disable unnecessary background processes with one of the useful freeware programs out there. With this software, all of the background processes will be reloaded once you resume normal mode when you are finished. • To list all programs on a Windows system, a utility called Process Explorer can be used. Compared to task manager, it is much more comprehensive.

You can learn exactly what each program is doing simply by hovering your mouse over its name. Solution: Clean Up Your Registry All of your computer’s essential information about installs, uninstalls, updates, and more are kept in the registry. A key is produced each time you perform one of those functions. Free space and resources need to be used by the key. This can lead to clogging and overburdening of the registry. Consequently, you can speed up a slow PC by cleaning up your registry and freeing up space and resources.

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You should clean your registry if it has over twenty errors when you scan it. If you are into do it yourself projects, then you should use great caution when you choose to clean your registry on your own. You do not want to delete anything that is essential to your computer’s functioning while you are trying to get rid of the unnecessary junk littering your registry. Fortunately, you have a couple options. Cleaning the registry can be performed for you when you purchase the right software.

Or, it can be done manually. Before you get started cleaning your registry manually, you must make a backup of the registry. This will serve you later on if you discover that you deleted a file that you should not have. Follow these steps to clean your registry: • Search your computer’s programs and files for “regedit”, either by going to the Start menu or the menu on the right of your screen (with Windows 8). This will launch the Windows registry editor. • By clicking File and then Export in your registry menu, you can create a backup of your registry.

Select All for the export range. Pick a location and name that you will remember when you save the file. • Select the folder called HKEY_CURRENT_USER in your registry editor. Click on the plus sign next to the folder to expand it. Also, expand the Software folder. If you see any software in there that you have uninstalled, go ahead and delete it.

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