Pl2303 Eeprom Writer Utility Software

Modify PL2303 PID & VID. This software is such a piece of crap and I just wanted to have a serial port with a modem on it. Below is a screenshot of the EEPROM. Only the EEPROM writer program is different and not compatible. Contact Prolific for the latest versions. Below is a comparison table for the drivers, tools, and utilities used for each controller: Table 2 – Prolific PL-2303 Drivers and Programs Comparison Table PL-2303H Windows Driver Support Note: All.

Not strictly a PICAXE question but I think there is a wealth of PL2303 knowledge amongst the forum's members. I recently bought an LG Smart TV. The documentation indicated that it could be controlled externally from a suitably configured receiver via a 'PL2303 chip-based USB to serial converter'. Having several Prolific PL2303 cables that I use for my PICAXE work, I plugged one into a USB port on the LG TV.

The TV responded with a message (something like) 'Unrecognised USB device inserted'. Anna solevaya video for beginners Hmm: when is a PL2303 not a PL2303? Digging deeper into the LG's owner's manual (they're getting better) revealed the following: ' LGTV supports PL2303 chip-based (Vendor ID: 0x0557, Product ID: 0x2008) USB to serial converter which is not made nor provided by LG.'

A quick check of my PL2303 cable, when plugged into my laptop, reveals Vendor ID: 0x67b, Product ID: 0x2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. Being a TV, you can't just download an alternate driver to use a different USB device: you're stuck with the TV's firmware. All sorts of questions come to mind. Ultimately, do members know how to identify one of the 'alternate' PL2303 (Vendor ID: 0x0557, Product ID: 0x2008) USB to serial converters? Alternatively, where I can buy one and be confident that I am buying a compatible converter. Ie in the packaging, without opening it?

I don't want to buy 20 of them just to find one that works with the TV. Two replies, both from Texas! Thanks for doing the research Goeytex. That lead on ATEN International got me Googling again after work today (it's currently Tuesday evening local time). Gost v 25803 pdf converter. I managed to download a copy of the EEPROM programmer but it doesn't seen to recognise the PL2303 chip when the USB is plugged in. I'm assuming that the EEPROM is accessed via the normal USB connection to the converter: instructions that make sense to me seem to be non-existent. The EEWriter program tells me that I have to write to the EEPROM before it will read it.

I have no way of telling what PL2303 chip I have without breaking open the plastic housing. I think my best solution is to buy a cable. I've found a few suppliers, one of them is local but wanting around A$40 (~US$37) for the converter. To me, that's a tad expensive but I don't want to gin around for weeks. @Texasclodhopper - No, I haven't called LG's Australian support line. I'm put off by my experiences with other vendor's support lines - they seem to cater for the 'consumer' end of the market and not tech-heads like me. It can be frustrating to be able to tell them more than they can tell me.

I'll call LG tomorrow before I place an order for the converter cable. I'll try to get one from within Australia due to consumer laws being more effective for me; although I hope I don't have to return a substitute or fake. I called LG's Support line (1300 LG CARE in Australia) earlier today.

Level 1 support didn't have a clue (as expected) but referred me to Level 2, who called back 3 1/2 hears later (but they did call back ). The L2 support guy had never heard of the feature where a receiver could control the TV via a serial link. My previous LG TV had a DE9 serial port dedicated to this function: this worked well, hence my desire to use it on the new model. This more recent model uses USB to receive the serial commands. I had to get the guy to go to the appropriate page of the user manual to make him aware of the feature (What did I say in my earlier post?). Once I'd convinced him, he checked with his supervisor/colleagues and nobody knew about it or where I could buy a suitable USB/Serial converter cable. I was told that the feature would have been built and tested in South Korea and may not work in LG TVs that use (firmware for the Australian market - my paraphrase).

His only suggestion was to go to 'computer stores', armed with the manual, and ask if they could supply a suitable converter cable. So much for the 1300 'LG CARE'! Back from the side issue. I have checked the USB-to-serial converters of 3 stock lines of 3 store chains and all three use PL2303 chips programmed with the Prolific Vendor ID (0x067B). I suspect the V_ID = 0x0557 is a rare thing. The ATEN UC-232A converters are advertised on the internet, so I'll try my luck with the condition that the V_ID must be 0x0557 with no substitutes or fakes.