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This article's plot summary may be. Please by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. ( January 2019) () Siddharth () gets extremely angry, very quickly, as shown in flashback where when a child hits his nose with finger to make fun of his anger issues, the child gets beaten badly, nose bleeding.

Then in college, a student gang from another college hits Sidharth's friend. For this Sidharth beats all the students of the gang with extra beating for those who hit him. He is married to Anjali () by register marriage.

Through his friends help he gets work in a bank in Kochi. Sidharth gets angry and shuts off the main electricity switch when a small child from neighborhood comes to his house and puts TV volume very high inspite of Sidharths request to switch of the TV. While leaving the house, the child questions his behavior. For this Sidharth tells Anjali how the child is behaving without respect.

Then Anjali tells Sidharth that the child is true,that he should control his anger for which anger management schools can be attended. Anjali parents want them to come for a function. Anjali mother only calls and speaks to Anjali.


Anjali tells her to make her father call Sidharth. The mother agrees. Sidharth keeps a ball for anger management in the workplace by which he concentrate to bring down his anger when he encounter foolish customers.

There are numerous instances where Sidharth's anger takes the better of him. In one such instance where Sidharth shouts at her father, thinking he is a randiim person calling Anjali on phone, she leaves mentioning she cannot live with such a person. Siddharth offers to drive her home in in. On the way, a trucker overtakes their car without warning that almost causes them to crash. A furious Siddharth follows the truck and the incident turns into a road rage. He successfully overtakes the truck but a shaken Anjali begs him to let it go.

He obeys her and they continue on their way when Anjali informs him that she is hungry.They stop by a roadside hotel which is run by a ruthless gangster, John (), and his henchmen. Sidharth gets in trouble with the hotel staff again for his temper. After the food, as both of them realize they don't cash to pay the hotel staff suggest one of them go and fetch cash from nearest ATM. As Anjali cannot stay back alone, she agrees to go though she is not good at driving their car.

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A while after she leaves, Chakkara too leaves the restaurant while a fearful Siddharth tries to contact Anjali. Anjali too is unable to contact Siddharth due to network failure and she fails to find any ATM.

Behind her, she notices Chakkara's truck following her and applying horn and irritating in order to scare her so that she cannot drive the car in the middle of the lonely road. She continues driving but is unable to escape as it is a one-way road. Meanwhile, Siddharth, after waiting for a long time and fearing Anjali's safety, tries to escape the restaurant but is captured by the henchmen and is locked in a room. Anjali keeps on driving with Chakkara right behind her. Another trucker who had noticed them two in the restaurant witnesses this. Siddharth, now conscious, try to escape from the room and a young boy who was working in the restaurant opens the locked room to help him out. He steps into the middle of a gang fight.

At the same time, Chakkara corners Anjali at a bend when her car gets stuck in the mud He breaks the windows to rape Anjali and as he is about to drag her out of the car, the other trucker arrives on the scene with police which enables Anjali to escape from Chakkara's cruel intentions, who leaves that area seeing the light of police jeep at the far. Anjali, with the help of the police, arrives back at the restaurant to find John critically injured and Siddharth with a knife. Siddharth is arrested and the police inform Anjali that he will be imprisoned if John dies. But John reports to the police that the previous owner of the hotel came with rowdy gang to beat John ending up in gang fight. Siddharth and Anjali driver to her house.