Pokmon Card Game Asobikata Ds Nds Rom Download Eng Patch

Download 1015 - Pokemon Diamond ROM for Nintendo DS(NDS) and Play 1015 - Pokemon Diamond Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device!

Then let me bring my 2 decks to battle! 7/7/17 2:38PM *Some more text translated! -Rules has been updated.

-Some Battle text has been translated. 7/7/7 11:07PM *Finally first anime-cutscence finished! *fixed some text issues. *Font looks a little bit better. 8/7/2017 12:38AM *Trying to access to SDT files.

*Mini-katakana and hiragana has been translated. This applies for characters names, (in anime-cutscene) and in rules menu (like Poison, Burned, Board, Coin, etc.) I WILL NO POST ANYMORE MY LOG HERE.


​ The bundle is said will be sold at around 2,980 Yen. In the bundle, it will include; a play mat, a damage counter, a playing manual-rule book, 3 starter packs (each containing 30 cards) from the Pokemon Black and White (Generation 5 Series), and a tutorial in the form of a Pokemon Trading Card: Asobikata DS cartridge, as well as potentially some other undisclosed items. The 3 starter packs are; Green Tornado, Blue Assault, and Red Frenzy. Serperior, Musharna and Sawbuck are some of the Pokemons that will be part of the Green Tornado pack which are of Nature ability.

Consider to upgrade all clients to 1.01. Multiplayer Robombs is still best experienced when played on a LAN but internet play should work much better now. It includes some minor fixes and improves internet play. (2008-12-16) – Robombs 1.00 has been released.

Galvantula and Basculin will be part of the Blue Assault pack with Water or Ice ability, while Emboar, Tepig, and Stoutland will be part of the Red Frenzy pack with Fire or Dark ability. Of cause there are other packs based on the various Pokemon ability group such as Pychic, Lightning, etc. Each sold separately. Behind each deck box pack is a redeem code, which you can enter into the Pokemon TCG Online ( to play the same deck online against other TCG players across the globe; to log in you need to enter the same username and password as your Pokemon Dream World account if you already have one, or make a new one.

​ Talking about the DS cartridge tutorial version of the game; the name Pokemon Trading Card: Asobikata DS literally when translated means 'How to Play Pokemon Trading Card'. In it will contain playable digital version of the cards, and shall act as an interactive tutorial that will allow you to play against the CPU/AI compared to the traditional DVD/VCD video demo of the past version. Also the DS cartridge will support download play features and allow you to freely share copies of the game. It also act as a digital rule reference, as well as provide quiz/trivia to enhance your knowledge on this game. Rumor has it that between 15 July to 8 September 2011, there will be a downloadable demo version of the tutorial which can be downloaded from Nintendo Zone.

​ In order to remind us all about the fun of playing Pokemon Trading Card Game while we wait for the official release of the upcoming version, I've delibrately posted the GameBoy Color version for the sake of nostalgia, which you can find it. You can play the game on your PC/Laptop using visualboy advance emulator for GameBoy, download from this link; or use Lameboy emulator for playing on the NDS console, download from this link; Feel free to post and share whatever your thought that you have about the upcoming version will be like, what your expectations, and any newer disclosed updates you might know. Info Source References: 1.