Ps3 Cech 3008b Proshivka

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Before I did this fix, the ps3 was very hot even while on standby. Just checked the Cobra ODE Firmware v2.4 on CECH-3008B with Cobra.

BEWARE (Exploited PS3's)PlayStation firmware update 4.83 has just went Live, developer's from the PS3Xploit team have not had time to take a look at it yet since this has just been released (see update, devs are looking into it now and will update us here in this thread ), This update could potentially be a patch for the PS3Xploit hacks (but they have not in a year which has been odd) or it could be a simple routine update for things such as the BluRay player. Developer's will look into this newly released update and we will keep us posted here in this thread. Its advised to stay on 4.82 until Ps3Xploit developer's verify the newly released Official firmware. Users and Ps3 Firmware Bot has confirmed the update is live. RECOMMENDATION FROM PS3XPLOIT TEAM: FOR THE MOMENT, DO NOT UPDATE TO 4.83 UNLESS YOU HAVE DECIDED TO GIVE UP USING HAN PERMANENTLY ON THE CONSOLE.​ After a look at the update files & preliminary tests, I am afraid I am bearing some bad news for HAN users playing online. It would appear that patched one of the 2 webkit exploits we currently use to trigger ROP chains. It means that we need to replace this exploit in order to get any ps3xploit tool working on 4.83.

Work is already under way, obviously no ETA at this stage. Please don't ask.

Ps3 Cech 3008b Proshivka

The kernel is completely untouched. No changes to either lv1 or lv2 which means CFWs will be easier to make. That's also good news for devs with any promising kernel vulnerability under investigation. Changes were made to vsh as usual & they seem extensive enough to suspect that they may have patched the HAN vulnerability as well. We have not yet had time to look into the matter at all but if they did, HAN might be gone for good past 4.82, leaving only CFW2OFW conversions installable & runnable on 4.83 whenever the patched webkit exploit gets replaced. In conclusion, the changes brought by the 4.83 update mean that anyone updating will lose usage of HAN, and possibly permanently until a kernel exploit comes out. Cfw2ofw conversions will be the only installed games that will still be working after updating.

The nature of this update is upsetting our 4.0 release plans somewhat. It's still very early stages in our investigations & there are still many unanswered questions for the moment. I will keep you all posted whenever I have additional information to share.

Team REBUG just recently released just the other day. Now,since that time the team has aquired all the resources needed for the creation of 4.84.1 REBUG REX Custom firmware. Now that the testing phase has concluded, the team has now released 4.84 REX version of their famed Custom Firmware for the PS3. What makes REX different from LITE is that Lite is made of only CEX (retail) firmware and REX contains both retail firmware and then also contains de bug (DEX) firmware elements as well. To create this powerful hybrid custom firmware. Which expands the feature list over any other CFW type with the included REBUG Toolbox (requires pkg installation), The updated Cobra payload of v8.00/1 that made its recent debut in has also been bundled with this latest version of REBUG REX.

One of the highlights of the version 8.0 progression of the Cobra payload has been a new feature allowing Kernel payload support via plugin developed by habib, The update to Cobra also brought a number of new improvements besides that lone feature, other feature consist of a much faster boot time on start up as in Cobra 8.00+ stage 1 has been removed. Then also in this version of REX you should note COBRA is ENABLED by default where as in previous versions of REX it has not been and required a toggled 'ON' via the REBUG Toolbox, that is no more, in this version its enabled 'out of the box' and ready to go​ •. The PS4 might get some attention again. After the last few weeks, where we saw multiple Homebrew Releases - such as a for your PS4, for your PS4, on your PS4 and other, which makes your PS4 more useful for you - today, Developer released a new WebKit Exploit for a newer System Firmware, namely for System Firmware 6.20. Although this Exploit isn't a complete Kernel Exploit together with the fact that this Remote Code Execution Exploit has been already patched by Sony on the newest System Firmware 6.50 released a few days ago, it is still a useful method to tinker more with this specific System Firmware, as Developer describes it with his own words, which you can see down below. This can be especially useful for Developers, who wants to tinker with older System Firmwares as well, such as for System Firmware 5.55 for instance. Maybe we can see a newer full Kernel Exploit for a newer System Firmware released sooner or later.​ •.