Download Free Acme Mrs11 Dough Roller Manual

I have this sheeter, but no manual. They're really quite easy to maintain and clean. The settings will depend on what you want your finished product to be. I only run my doughballs through once through both the top and bottom rollers. I have the top set to do about 75% of the flattening, then turn the dough 45 degrees after it gets through the top. Then the bottom roller is set just a little thinner to make the dough round instead of oval. I have my top roller set at 1 and the bottom set at 2 ticks under 1.

Sometimes the settings need to be tweaked a little bit depending on the dough. If you use enough flour for dusting, and you have stainless steel rollers, cleanup is a breeze.

Dec 8, 2007 - I just bought an ACME-MRS11 Bench Dough Roller. I have looked. They have manuals and exploded parts diagrams you can download.

Just unplug it and wipe it down. I only disassemble mine a couple times a year to oil the chains and give it a thorough cleaning, but there's never much on the inside. Pay close attention to how the blades come out (the plastic/nylon) scrapers on metal rods. There should be 4 (I think).

Don't lose the springs. Actually, I suggest pinching them with pliers on one end so they can't come off the scraper. Dump the scrapers into the sink and wash (leave them on the rods).

Use a green scrubby to clean the rollers. Personally, I just jam the switch so it thinks the back is closed and turn it on and put the scrubbie on it.

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If the sheeter tries to take the scrubbie, let it. You will NOT win that fight. Rinse the rollers with a clean wet cloth. Dry the rollers. Now use a pastry brush with veggie oil and coat the rollers lightly. Put the scrapers back in and you're done.

New, Dough Roller By Acme   708-354-1265 Ideal for Pizza, pie crust, arabic bread, flour tortillas, many other doughs. Front dough infeed, front dough return, front dough adjustment, front dough outfeed Simple to operate, easy to clean The Acme Stainless Steel Bench Dough Rollers are efficient, 2 stage machines, featuring quick change handles, front infeed and front discharge. Roll up to 18' diameter dough. One operator can make approximately 400 to 500 pieces per hour in just 4 easy steps. Perfect Pizza, Each time, every time!

TWO PASS ( 2 PASS )  - 4 ROLLERS Hand chrome precision ground rollers, 4' legs for easy cleaning. 4 plastic scrapers easily removable for cleaning. Safety bar automatically shuts off machine if lifted. Sprocket and chain area protected by chain and sprocket guards. MRS-11  BOTTOM ROLLERS:   3 1/2' DIA X 20' L TOP ROLLER: 3 1/2' X 10' LENGTH 115/60, 1 PHASE, 10.8 AMPS   -  3/4 H.P. TOTALL ENCLOSED STOP START PUSH BUTTON, HEAVY DUTY, SEALED ( 220 V  W/50 HZ.

Acme dough roller mrs11

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