Sertifikat Na Ozon 007

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Status: Published Norwegian title: Mechanical completion and commissioning. Edition 3, August 2015 English title: Mechanical completion and commissioning. Edition 3, August 2015 Item type: Standard Language: Engelsk Edition: 3 (2015-08-17) Supersedes: Withdrawn Number of pages: 60 Price: NOK 906,00 (excl. VAT) NOK 1 132,50 (with VAT) Included in: Product information: This NORSOK standard replaces Z-007 Rev. The standard have been through a systematic review and the standard is updated to reflect todays requirements.

This standard identifies the principles, structures and methods utilized in the performance of completion activities: mechanical completion and commissioning. Please note that the requirement for MCCRs in addition to those enclosed in the Annexes to the standard might occur. These situations are not given further consideration in this standard.

Additional requirements: Committee: SN/K 114/EG Z MC&P Adopted: 2015-08-17 ICS.