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SRT 8955 High-end receiver for IP contents and DVB-T broadcasts in HD STRONG’s SRT 8955 is a high-end receiver for terrestrial TV and radio broadcasts encrypted by RiksTV. It gives access to the RiksTV entertainment portal, YouTube and other Internet services and is ready for apps and social media services. The receiver with a sober and classy design offers a variety of features: integrated WLAN, control via smartphone or tablet, a RF remote control which makes you able to control the receiver, even if it is placed behind closed cabinets.

• Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview 1.2 Main Features 2. Safety/Precautions 2.1 Safety 2.2 Precautions 3. Points to Check before Use 3.1 Accessories 4. Controls/Functions 4.1 Front Panel 4.2 Rear Panel 4.3 Remote Controller 5. How to Connect 6.

Operation 6.1 Getting Started 6.2 System Setting 6.3 Channels 6.4 Electronic Program Guide. • Introduction Safety/Precautions 1.1 Overview 2.1 Safety This satellite receiver is designed for the reception of free-to-air channels. Depending on your location, enjoy the rich choice of up to 10,000 different channels broadcasting a large range of programs: culture, sports, cinema, news, events, etc. This receiver is assembled Be sure to read this user's manual Do not touch the power cord with wet with highly qualified electronic parts.

• 2.2 Precautions Points to Check before Use When installing the unit 3.1 Accessories Install the unit horizontally. An uneven Do not put heavy items such as a TV installation may cause the unit to be set on the unit. That may damage the The accessories below are included with this receiver: damaged. • 4.2 Rear Panel Controls/Functions 4.1 Front Panel No. Name Connector Function LNB INPUT IEC 169-24 FEMALE IF input from LNB to digital tuner LOOP OUT IEC 169-24 FEMALE IF loop-through output from digital tuner AUDIO L RCA cinch Left audio output Standby/Power on Indications Lamp: Flashes red light in ‘Standby’. • 4.3 Remote controller 4.3 Remote controller POWER: To turn the receiver On/Off. Left & Right: To change the volume level in non-menu mode and modify MUTE: To turn the sound On/Off.

A setting in menu mode. Numeric Keys (0-9): To enter numerical OK: To show the Channel List in non- settings (such as channel numbers) menu mode and select an item or confirm. • How to Connect Operation 6.1 Getting Started Connect the TV antenna to TV ANT IN Connect the RF-IN of the TV to RF-OUT After your receiver is powered on, proceed with installation as follows: When available, you may instead connect the video and audio of the TV to video and audio: Connect the red and white connectors to Audio R and 1) Menu Language Setting Audio L, and the yellow connector to video. • 6.1 Getting Started 6.1 Getting Started ( When the DiSEqC Motor parameter is set as 1.2 ) 2) Antenna Setup - Hemisphere: Select between the Northern/Southern. Press the MENU button to display the main menu.