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Jan 23, 2019 - Download Whatsapp Plus Latest App / Apk for Android Phones No Root Needed. And give it to your friends easily by sharing them the theme.xml files. Plus apk on any android device. Whatsapp plus apk free download.

MESSAGE FROM XDA ADMINISTRATORS: All download links have been removed due to a. Do not repost download links to WhatsApp+, violation of this will result in an account ban.

Thank you for your understanding. [SIZE='4'] First of all we need to thank for that awesome What's App modification. All the credit goes to him and if you want to help him pls donate him. Link to What's App +:Links Removed IMPORATANT NOTE: Please do not mirror rafalense's app What's App + anywhere!

Not here or in any other thread or site. With What's App + it's possible to customize nearly everything in Whats App and create own themes. Also there is the possibility to share the created themes with other people that everyone can enjoy awesome themes. The idea of this thread was to let the original thread for development questions only and this thread for a collection of themes.

How to share your theme? 1) Open Whats App + 2) Menu -> 'PLUS' -> Settings 3) -> Save Settings 4) After that, you will find in the Whats App folder on your sdcard a.xml file and if you are using a custom wallpaper a resized version of it(/sdcard/WhatsApp/PLUS/saved_pref) Then please follow the new instructions to fit your theme into the new requirements for sharing a theme here. Quote: Originally Posted by rafalense XML: 'username+theme name' Ej: rafalense_plus-dark.xml Screenshots: (jpg or png ) Main/Chats: 'username+theme name+_main' Ej: rafalense_plus-dark_main.jpg Chat: 'Nombre de usuario+Nombre de tema+_chat' Ej: rafalense_plus-dark_chat.png Contacts: 'username+theme name+_contactos' Ej: rafalense_plus-dark_contacts.jpg Wallpaper (JPG): 'username+theme name+_wallpaper' Ej: rafalense_plus-dark_wallpaper.jpg Please do not include full wallpaper, just the one saved with the xml file. Feel free to share it in this thread too:thumbup: How to install a theme?

If you have downloaded a theme package here: 1) Copy the.xml file you downloaded to any place on your sdcard 2) Open Whats App + 3) What's App + menu -> in Themes section -> ”More” 4) -> load 5) browse to the.xml file you have downloaded 6) restart What's App + 7) Enjoy II. What's App + has it's own download section where you can download and apply themes directly in the App: 1) Open Whats App + 2) What's App + menu -> in Themes section -> ”Download” 3) Choose a theme you like 4) press ”Apply” on the right side 5) Restart What's App + 6) Enjoy How to create a theme?

Submitwolf v8 keygen download. For this point created an awesome instruction: (click for larger view) Everything is clear and fine, its really nice and it costs a lot of time so please take a second and thank him for his work. You can find his first theme here: so use this post to drop your 'Thanks' for the instruction. Hope you guys like it and help me to make this thread useful. Please share some nice themes. (18th October 2012), (12th June 2013), (4th February 2013), (5th October 2013), (7th October 2012), (16th June 2013), (2nd October 2012), (23rd January 2013), (13th October 2012), (11th December 2013), (18th January 2013), (29th September 2012), (21st October 2012), (5th October 2013), (21st May 2013), (2nd December 2012), (2nd January 2013), (14th October 2012), (28th June 2013), (8th June 2013), (23rd January 2014), (24th October 2012), (15th October 2014), (18th January 2013), (28th July 2013), (7th October 2012), (16th January 2013), (4th October 2012).