Choose the Right Synonym for previous. Preceding, antecedent, foregoing, previous, prior, former, anterior mean being before. Preceding usually implies being immediately before in time or in place. Wiktionary (3.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition. Previous (Noun). An existing criminal record. It turned out the shoplifter had a lot of previous. Previous (Adjective). Prior; occurring before something else, either in time or order.

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SharePoint Online Office for business SharePoint Server 2016 SharePoint Foundation 2013 SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise SharePoint Server 2013 SharePoint Foundation 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online Small Business SharePoint Server 2007 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 If your SharePoint lists or libraries are set to track versions, you can restore a previous version of a list item or file. To learn how you can delete a version, all versions, or just minor versions of an item or file if your list or library is configured for it see.

To turn versioning on, see. Updated November 21, 2016 thanks to. Restore a previous version in SharePoint • Open the list or library from the Quick Launch bar. If the name of your list or library does not appear, click Site contents or View All Site Content, and then click the name of your list or library. • Right click on the space between the item or document name and date, and then click Version History from the menu. You might need to scroll the menu to see Version History. If you don't see Version History, click the ellipse (.) in the dialog and then click Version History.

You'll see a list of versions of the file. • In the Version History dialog, hover next to the version you want and click the down arrow on the right side to get a list of options. Click Restore. • Click OK to restore the current version as the latest. Note: SharePoint doesn't remove the earlier version you just restored, it creates a copy and makes it the latest version. Turn on Version History in SharePoint Version History is turned on by default in SharePoint, but if you don't see the Version History command, version history may be turned off.

Depending on how your administrator has set up SharePoint, you may be able to turn on list or library versioning. For information about SharePoint versioning settings, see. Not sure which version you have?

Teamviewer previous versions

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,,,, mean being before. Usually implies being immediately before in time or in place. • • the preceding sentence applies to order in time and may suggest a causal relation. • • conditions antecedent to the revolution applies chiefly to statements. • • the foregoing remarks and imply existing or occurring earlier, but often adds an implication of greater importance. • • a child from a previous marriage • • a prior obligation implies always a definite comparison or contrast with something that is latter. • • the former name of the company applies to position before or ahead of usually in space, sometimes in time or order.

• • the anterior lobe of the brain.