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Contents [] Information Metal Fury was revealed through the March 2011 issue of CoroCoro, showcasing the new season along with its plot. As revealed from it, Fury was revealed to be based heavily on the then-new 4D Beyblade System. In which the featured 'Different Material', 'Divided Wheels', 'Dynamic Moves', and 'Deep Custom'. As evident by its Japanese name, 4D The premise of this series is of the new 4D System created. Along with a new story, which involves the series' main protagonist, being discovered to be a. Legendary Bladers are Bladers that have a piece of the enchanted in their Beys. They are the only people who have the power to defeat the God of Destruction,, from ruling the world.

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Gingka and Co. Travel the world just like in Metal Masters to find the remaining Legendary Bladers and destroy Nemesis once and for all. As with all seasons of the Metal Saga, Fury is separated into various story arcs that are connected with each other. Beyblade: Metal Fury premiered on Sunday morning, April 3, 2011 in Japan at 8:30 A.M. The English Dub premiered on August 19, 2012 in Singapore in Cartoon Network, October 13, 2012 in USA on Cartoon Network at 8:00 A.M., and in Canada it premiered in January 26 at 11:30 A.M. The English Dub also aired in the UK on July 5, 2013 on Nicktoons.

Metal Fury was also the first Beyblade anime series to be cut from 30 min. This started with its 27th episode,, in which it shared its 8:30 timeslot with. Metal Fury aired at the 8:30 - 8:45 time slot, with Cross Fight B-Daman taking the rest.

From episode 127 to the last episode of Metal Fury, Nelvana put two episodes into the 30 minute time slot. Synopsis In the Cosmos, a strange phenomenon has occurred. One day, Gingka and Co. Help, a boy who is attacked by, a mysterious youth. Even though Yuki is a boy genius and an astronomer, he is a Blader who owns “”. Yuki says that he has come to tell and his friends about the voice of the. He witnessed the Star Fragment (a meteor) fall from the sky one day. Protiv

That single light dwells within Anubis and he says that he heard the voice of the Star Fragment that evening. A great evil is trying to revive 'The Black Sun” and ', the God of Destruction, by using the unknown power of the Star Fragment and with that. Gingka and Co.' S new adventure begins!!