Download Ships And Boats Mod For Minecraft 152

MC Forage for 1.8 reports that it cannot find 'MovingWorld: any' and doesn't start the game as a result. [16:04:59] [Client thread/TRACE] [FML/]: Verifying mod requirements are satisfied [16:04:59] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML/]: The mod ArchimedesShipsPlus (Archimedes' Ships Plus) requires mods [MovingWorld] to be available [16:04:59] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Mod sorting data [16:04:59] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: ArchimedesShipsPlus(Archimedes' Ships Plus:MC1.8-V1.8): [] archimedesshipsplus-mc1.8-v1.8 (1).jar (required-after:MovingWorld@) is the extended info contained in logs/fml-client-latest. After installing Moving world (twice) I got the game to run. However the mod sucks.

Once I 'mounted' a ship, it was permanently in entity and do not return to being blocks nor could it be stood on. It'd just scoot away like normal boats do when you stand on them.

The Ships and Boats Mod enable the player to create custom ships and boats. These ships can be controlled similar to the existing boats in Minecraft. Cannons can be added to the boats to make war ships. Usage: To create a ship, you must first: • Build a shipyard • Build your ship • Craft a champagne bottle and smash it into the ship To build a shipyard, you must build three walls made of out Shipyard Plates. Then construct your ship in the Shipyard.

Moar Boats is a Minecraft mod that overhauls the boats in Minecraft in order to give them more functionality and allow players to transport their items in a convenient fashion.

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Make sure that the ship does not touch the edges of the Shipyard and the Shipyard is as long as the boat. Make sure to place a seat block in the direction of the front of the ship. Make sure that your ship’s deck is at least two blocks above the water to prevent water from getting on the boat. You can then finish your boat by smashing a Champagne Bottle on the boat by right clicking on it with a Champagne Bottle in your hand. Cannons: You can place a fully functional cannon on your boat. First construct the cannon: Then construct Cannon Balls: Cannons can be fired by loading them and lighting them with a flint and steel. Controls: SPACE: Turn engine on/off.

W, S: Move ship forward or backwards. A, D: Turn ship left or right R or mouse right-click: Get out of the seat. If your ship gets stuck, you can dig it out by destroying the blocks under it. When your ship is damaged enough, it will be destroyed. Download Ships & Boats Mod: Installation: • Find your minecraft.jar file. On Windows, this can be found by going to%APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin. • Open minecraft.jar in a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip.

• Delete META-INF from Minecraft.jar. • Drag all of the extracted files from ModLoader, Forge, and Ships and files into Minecraft.jar. • Close minecraft.jar, and have fun!