Manifold System 8010 Ultimate Edition

Products and Prices Clear and Transparent Pricing for All Manifold Release 9 The World's Fastest and Most Powerful GIS Manifold® Release 9 provides the world's most sophisticated and most powerful GIS, the only GIS that automatically is fully parallel to use all of your computer for dramatically faster performance. Enjoy life with super-fast GIS. Say good-bye to slow, non-parallel GIS that crashes on big jobs. • Parallel Power: Release 9 is built upon Manifold's massively parallel Radian spatial platform, by far the world's richest, fastest and most powerful spatial data engineering engine. Radian technology guarantees phenomenal power and speed even with big data and all with bulletproof reliability. • Connect to everything: Manifold works with data from enterprise class DBMS installations, web server data sources, file databases and every format encountered in spatial engineering. • Explore data: Visualize an unlimited range of tables, vector data, drawings, maps, raster data and images to see data in context with on-the-fly visualization.

• Parallel SQL: Manipulate any data, transform it and analyze it using the full power of automatically parallel SQL together with hundreds of spatial engineering functions. • Spatial Mastery: Manifold knows more coordinate systems than any other spatial engineering or GIS tool. Whether it is EPSG, custom coordinate systems from legacy GIS, specialized government-sponsored high-precision systems or your own, Manifold knows it all. • Ease of Use: Manifold automates with point-and-click ease what would take decades to program manually, the automatic, optimized parallelization of virtually all functions to multiple CPUs, multiple CPU cores, multiple GPUs and potentially thousands of GPU cores. Nothing else comes close: No other GIS or spatial tool comes remotely close to the vast range of capabilities, capacity, power, performance and quality Manifold provides at one low price.

Rapid Evolution Free Updates Cutting Edge builds of Release 9 issued one or two times a week extend the power and feature set of Release 9 with hundreds of additional features per month. Your Release 9 license enables you to download and utilize all Cutting Edge Release 9 builds to get the very latest upgrades.

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Cbrom.exe bios. Cutting Edge builds are open beta builds that allow rapid response to community wishes in Manifold's community-driven engineering process. Manifold typically issues thousands of improvements at no charge in free updates to licensees. Release 8 included over 5,000 improvements during the product life cycle.

Your Release 9 license acquired now will provide access to all free Release 9 updates at full Universal level now and in the future. Manifold Release 9 Prices All Release 9 Products are fully 64-bit and 32-bit: Every Manifold Release 9 serial number will authorize fully 64-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems, 32-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems (used for compatibility when integrating with other software that is limited to 32-bit operation), or 32-bit operation in 32-bit Windows systems. No need to buy separate 64-bit or 32-bit products. Manifold Release 9 Universal - Includes everything with full 64-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems. Installs a 32-bit version as well for 32-bit Windows systems. Includes two standard tech support incidents by email. • $595 - Manifold Release 9 Universal - 64-bit version with support for 32-bit Windows as well.