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Your website is all right. To avoid getting into filters fill your website with qualitative and useful information.

AGS is a filter of Yandex search engine. It is used for detecting sites with useless content which are created as usually for references selling. Yandex added them to blacklist with help of AGS algorithm.

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Instead of excluding such sites from search they would get Also this change spreads on all the sites whict were found by AGS earlier. References from such sites would not be considered in the ranking and sites themselves would get lower rank.

Links from social networks do not have determining meaning on site position in the search resuls. Also they don`t have the determining meanin concerning site position in the search results.

Also they don`t transfer the weight to site but nonetheless influence on it promotion indirectly. Social networks and blogs - are millions of people which reflect their attitude to the site and other things by their behaviour reactions. Social factors for search engines are human signals firstly. These signals can be used for positions improvement in the search results. If your company have no page or group in the social network and you don`t post to the corporate blog twitter there is point in social networks buttons to be putten on the site page. They would attract additional traffic. The headers on the page (tags h1-h6) are used to show the importance of the text located after each title.

Using it you can create structure of your text with subtitles that make the text look more streamlined when promoting your site. The most important tag is h1, the main header that should be putted on top of the page. Do not add more than one tag h1 because the crawler may identify the tag not correctly and drop important information. Use subheads h2-h6 so much as you want and whenever you want. Proper use of header tags will help stimulate the traffic growth. It is no need to put entire text into the header tags because the search engine can see only the first few words of text. The rest are injected.

The text on the page shouldn’t be too short; otherwise there won’t be a sufficient number of keywords. But it shouldn’t be too long as well. In this case, the article will become 'diffused' in the eyes of search engines and keywords will get lost in a long text. The optimal text size is about 1000-2000 words for two or three promoted keywords / phrases. Of course, is not always possible to keep within these limits. By the way such a text size is perfect not only for the search engines, but also for the visitor.


People don’t like reading neither long texts nor thousand pages of text. Sickness is one of the quality text indexes and includes the frequency of the same words repeat in a text document. 'Academic frequency' is equal to the proportion of repeating words to the entire volume of the text. Texts with a high level of sickness (above 8%) are of low quality. They considered to be spammed and have a poor readability. That will definitely make visitors stay away from such a text. When they are detected by search engines Trust's website can be reduced or website even banned.