Microsoft Photodraw 2000 V2

Hi, Thanks posting your query on Microsoft Community. As per your query, I would like to inform you that photodraw application is not compatible with Windows 10.

Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Drazen Pekusic. Here you are my personal galleries of works created using this MS PhotoDraw 2000 V2. How To Insert Image Into Another Image Using Microsoft Word. Jump to Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Version 2 - Microsoft released the subsequent version called Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Version 2 to General. Opisj ugolovnogo dela obrazec del.

Refer to below link, to check the compatibility of applications with Windows 10. For any query related to Windows Operating System, feel free to post on Microsoft Community. Yes you can get it working.

I have 6 PC, 3 Toshiba laptops and 3 HP Bench-top and it works fine. You need to install in compatible mode and when it is telling you it can not install just click ignore. My computer guy found at a very similar website 4 lines of code that he installed in Windows 10 on my new hp desktop, and then he installed P2000 and it work, EXCEPT for the 3D features for TEXT. So after I had finished my gorgeous graphics composition using P2000 v2, I clicked on the selected text to use the 3D effects, I was told to put in Disc 2. So, I did, and then got a message to reinstall P2000 because 'Direct 3D must be installed to use 3-D'. I never had this problem using PhotoDraw on Windows XP but I went ahead and reinstalled PhotoDraw, and I wound up with the same problem.

DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE THE DIRECT 3-D FILE IS ON PHOTODRAW 2000 v2? Please let me know! March 31, 2016. I have a very talented computer guy and he found at a similar website to this a response to this question of compatibility 4 lines of code that someone had emailed in. He installed these 4 lines of code into Windows 10 on my brand new hp desktop with Windows 10, and it worked. He was then able to install my copy of PhotoDraw 2000 v2 and I used it to create some beautiful graphic art compositions. EXCEPT when I clicked on the 3D buttons to use on a selected text I was told to reinstall the software to activate 'Direct 3-D'.

So, I reinstalled the software, and I still have the same problem. So now I have to find the file or folder for Direct 3D.


If you have an update, please let me know March 31, 2016. Can I get PhotoDraw to work with Windows 10? I tried to install PD 2000 v2 on my Windows 8.1 and got the error message 1904. Then the 8.1 desktop was upgraded to W10 in the free download program and I tried at least 3x to install it in W10 and got the same message error 1904. PD 2000 v2 was installed and working fine on my W7 laptop and the free upgrade did not seem to interfere with the program function though I didn't test it much on the small screen. After buying and trying 3 other photo editing software programs on my desktop and longing for PD 2000, this eve I searched online to see if anyone had a solution to my problem. I found information about entering admin codes and about experts who could get the program to install only to find features didn't seem to work, etc. I and felt doomed.