Microsoft Office 2003 Pro11msi

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Where can I download pro11.msi? I bought a new Microsoft Office 2003 and a week ago installed and registered it on my computer which has Windows xp pro and all the updates. This is the first and only installation ever off this disk. Then i got office updates.

Now all I want to do right now is scan a couple of documents and print them. I tried to open Microsoft Office Document imager and then the document scanner.

Neither one will open and says it has to install this feature and then it tries and says it cant because it is on a network that is not available. I am on no networks at all. I have read some other articles. I had installed ALL the features on Office. I went to detect and repair and put the disk in. It said it repaired it.

Open Windows Explorer and locate the folder which contains the installation of Microsoft Office 2000, Office 2003 or Office XP. Select the version of Office that you are running, create a new folder and rename it as XLStart and close Windows Explorer. Restart your system and launch the Excel application.

But still it says the same thing about that file. I made the computer look for the file with the disk in and it still cant find it. I just need to find a link to download it i guess. I am so tired.

All i wanted to do is scan 2 documents. You can't officially download 2003 anywhere. MS no longer sells it or supports it for downloads. Where did you buy it?

It is a really reputable vendor? Is it possible that you have a bootleg version? The only way to tell is to do a phone activation to see if it will accept the Product Key. If it doesn't, do the phone activation again, but this time don't enter anything, just wait until you are offered option of talking to a service rep. They can tell you exactly what is wrong with the product key.

While you can't download 2003, you may be able to get a replacement installation disk at one of these links: Replace lost Office product keys 2003, 2002, 2000 How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs, and replace product manuals Replacement CD. I Need Installation files/CD for pre 2007 version of Office, What Can I Do • Find a friend (new or old) who has the right CD and is willing to lend you the CD. Unlike the very 'old' DOS days when there was a signature file on the floppy, there is nothing unique on the CD to identify it. The uniqueness is provided via the Product key you use to activate it.

So, you can borrow a CD without threatening their installation/activation. • Ask at work if they have CD you can borrow • Try to find a local 'PC Computer Club'. There is almost certainly a geek or three with disks you could borrow. Moodle gotovie kursi e. • Find a small local computer store or repair business. They often have old versions of software because they are still supporting customers using them.

• You could buy it online. Be very careful who you give your money to • Try websites like Kijiji or Craig’s List to see if you can borrow or buy it • Try getting one from MS (if it works, please post back here, there are many interested people who would like to know that MS is still providing that kind of support) Once you get the installation file, make sure you burn a copy for yourself before returning the disk if it is borrowed. * ¯ _(ツ)_/¯ In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.