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The DVD sits in the box unopened for good reason. And also why I will never buy a Steam game again. Steam is a bullshit, yeah 50% discount but people forget that you can actually fucking sell your game if you have a box, maybe even with a profit if you hold it for a good time and the game is a popular classic. Digital distribution is shit, I use more stuff digitally but if I buy something I only buy physical distribution. If it was digital distribution, as in you download a.iso, and can mount and install from that, or even just the installer files, then I'd be fine with that.

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I could install it whenever I rebuilt the game machine, etc. Steam is just more walled-garden bullshit. You can't start the game without Steam launching, and yet another useless update, and then ads shoved in my face. They don't honor returns honestly. Unwanted game updates are forced on you. You cannot play the game without Steam installed. Steam was supposed to be a storefront, not an Apple Store (but yea, they do have good prices, but that comes with a cost).

I'm building a new machine in the next month and I am not putting Steam on it. Fortunately, I only bought a few games before I realized the bullshit, so I can get repacks of them and be better off. For one, I'm thrilled Flashing Lights wasn't touched. I have found memories of my online buddies riding all together in a car down star junction swerving to beat.

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For second, I might be way more pissed off about this then reasonable. Idgaf about rockstars excuses to not renew licenses on tracks. NO GAME should be able to remove content like this after purchase.

Rockstar made how many 100's of millions off of gtaV? Really, they couldn't renew run to the hills? Now being an xbox owner who's console auto updated the game I might never get that kickass moment from TLAD back.

The couldn't renew TBOGT theme song? A song that was written for the fucking game? So many hours spent with that running on the pause screen while I work on computer stuff. I'm seriously considering not returning to 4 which is a shame since it's my absolute favorite in the franchise. I just can't bear to hear the radios gutted:'(.

But of course it's not like R* cares. They got my money 10 years ago.

Happy 10th anniversary gang, let's see what gets removed from GTAV in 2023. At least red dead won't have too much music for them to take away later.