Dell Inspiron 15 3878 Windows 7

It is possible that you might be having problems with your hard drive drivers. Here is: • First Load BIOS to Default • Confirm RAID is ON under Sata Controllers • Proceed with OSRI • Once in the partition table Page, if the drive is still not visible, Remove teh OS CD and insert the Drivers adn resources DVD sent from Dell. • Click on Load Drivers- this will take about few seconds and detect the Intel Controller Driver. Select and Click Next. • Now it should show the Drives available and you should be able to proceed with completion of OS installation. I had a similar problem with my Dell laptop while making a clean installation myself. I have just managed to get rid of Windows 8 and installing Windows 7 in my laptop.

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I hope this helps: 1) Preparing 1.1) Download all required Windows 7 (64 bits) drivers from DELL (). The SATA driver (Serial-ATA_Driver_VWCH1_WN_11.6.0.1030_A02.EXE) is needed while installing Windows.

The rest (see the list in Section 3) will be needed after installing Windows. 1.2) Execute “Serial-ATA_Driver_VWCH1_WN_11.6.0.1030_A02.EXE” and select the option that allows to extract the contents of the package without installing the drivers. 1.3) Save the resulting files into a flash memory device, within a folder named “Serial-ATA_Driver_VWCH1_WN_11.6.0.1030_A02” (for example). NOTE: An alternate method (more complex and with few advantages) is making a bootable DVD from the original Windows installation disk for including the SATA drivers. This is explained in “Tutorial: How to clean install Windows on Inspiron 17R SE” ( Instead of using 'Ultraiso' (the evaluation license cannot work with Windows DVD because it contains files greater than 300 MB), 'Imgburn' ( can be used for making the bootable image. See “How to create a Windows Vista / 7 installation disc (bootable) using ImgBurn” ( Active anti cheat adrenaline.

2) Installing Windows 2.1) Plug the flash memory device (including DELL Inspiron SATA drivers) and insert Windows 7 installation DVD. 2.2) Reboot the laptop, press F12 (Boot Options), change the UEFI boot mode to Legacy (Secure boot: OFF) and boot from the DVD. Windows installation process should start. 2.3) After selecting Windows installation language and accepting the license terms, select 'Custom (advanced)' installation type. Then the list of available disks and partitions will appear (not all of them will be shown because a proper SATA driver is missing). So: 2.4) Click on 'Load Driver', click 'Browse' and select 'Removable Disk' (the flash memory device).