Htc Desire 600 Dual Sim Proshivka 44 Kitkat

HTC Desire U Android smartphone. Announced Jan 2013. Features 4.0″ Super LCD display, 5 MP primary camera, 1650 mAh battery, 4 GB storage, 512 MB RAM.

Hi, it is very strange. The battery will last more than just 4 hours if you not use you HTC Desire 601 for any activity. Try to hard reset your phone, then do not install with any Google account, because in some case, some applications will automatically restore from Google cloud backup after we sign-in with Google account.

That is why we try to make sure there are no applications running and count the time start from battery full to empty. Drivers magellan promark 3. HTC Desire 601 use 2100mAh battery capacity. Base on usual phone, if the battery full and standby without any applications running and no internet connection (do not play anything at this phone while testing), the phone will strongly ON for more than 24 hours, please try it again. At least we would like to know about the factory default phone condition. Hi, the total internal memory of HTC Desire 601 is 8GB, but at the first time we use this phone, the internal memory already used by operating system and some default applications and HTC Sense launcher as well. If you install some applications from Google Play Store, most of that applications will installed the main applications at internal memory. Only some data will be installed at external memory.

Therefore after several period use HTC Desire 601, the internal memory can become full. In this case you should try to remove or uninstall not use applications.

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Hi, maybe you mean your already do S-Off for HTC Desire 601 Hboot. If you area follow from official, then the process will be fine as far as you follow the steps carefully. The problem maybe happen if your process is interrupt because of some problem or empty battery. The second options that can make your HTC become soft brick is the wrong process after do S-Off that can make trouble. Please try to boot at fastboot again, and check weather everything fine. Although we are not recommended, but if you are already s-off then you can ask help from someone specialist to install the recovery and you can try to install any appropriate custom rom.

Htc desire 600 dual sim proshivka 44 kitkat 3

Hi, first you have to make sure that your Google / Gmail username or password are correct. You can try to login using computer browser to and try to login with your known Google account. At that webpage, you also can restore your Google account if you forgot the username or password with Google help. After you can login with that computer browser, than you will able to connect and sign-in to HTC Desire 601 Google account to make your phone can download many interesting applications at Google Play Store.

I am proud to present you with Carbon ROM for the HTC Desire. Thanks very much to CarbonDevs for their hard work on this amazing ROM and anyone else who contributed. This ROM also contains tons of customization from SlimROM and CyanogenMod.