Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan Using Arduino

The project ‘Temperature Controlled Fan using arduino’ is simply fabricated around arduino uno board and temperature sensor LM35. The projects are good example of embedded system basically designed using closed-looped feedback control system.

Aurdino based Temperature Controlled Fan - In this project, we are going to control DC fan speed according to the room temperature and show these parameter changes on a 16x2 LCD display. It is accomplished by data communications between Aurdino, LCD, DHT11 sensor module and DC Fan that is Controlled by using PWM. PWM is a technique by using which we can Control Voltage.

This project consists of three sections as, One senses the temperature by using humidity and temperature sensor namely DHT11. Second section reads the dht11 sensor module’s output and extracts temperature value into a suitable number in Celsius scale and control the fan speed by using PWM. And last part of system shows humidity and temperature on LCD and Fan driver.

Here in this project we have used a sensor module namely DHT11 that are already been discussed. Descargar nero express gratis para windows 7 con serial. Here we have only used this DHT sensor for sensing temperature, and then programmed our arduino according to the requirements.

Working of this project is very simple. We have created PWM at pwm pin of arduino and applied it at base terminal of transistor.

Then transistor creates a voltage according to the pwm input.

Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan Using Arduino

In many small or large industry, you may have seen such a lot of fan that speed is control according to the temperature of the place. Thus, during this article, we have presented a demo of that application. It's assumed that you have an idea of.

In industry temperature range will be more than 100 o C but here we will work on the very low range. Block diagram of Temperature control FAN Block Diagram Required Components • Arduino UNO board (buy from here ) • Temperature sensor IC LM35( buy from here ) • DC Fan • resistor 1* 1K • 16*2 LCD Display • Power supply • Diode(1N4007).