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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 4U2SEE LED Scrolling Message Display with VisionsPlay Software 1- Line Tri-Color 4inches Tall by 26.

A major part of my job is to manage the processing of 60 some odd external data feeds which are all fairly unique. These processes drive front end content and is a necessity for our core business. I am continually asked for statuses of each of these, it was time to display these on a ticker.

I bought a 4U2SEE LED Matrix on eBay for around $150, and much to my surprise it wasn't difficult to get working with custom code. Andrew, Thanks for the info on the JetFile protocol! I have spent the last week or so trying to reverse engineer the protocol using the companion software package (Sigma 3000) and a port sniffer. It has been a very frustrating experience as I am sure you are also very aware.

I am curious as to which tool you were using to read data sent over RS232? The sign I am trying to hack is a MVS 780RG (It appears to be the same (or very similar to) your 4U2SEE so I think I am on the right track here. I attempted to use the code from your post but have had no luck to date (I am sure it is something obvious that I am missing). I was curious as to what value you were sending in the mColor member? From the comments it appears you are sending 37 which would be ‘Mixed colors palette 4’ (according to the protocol spec). I’ll comb the documentation again when I get home.

Thanks again for your time. You have been a great help!

I also have one of these signs and have been trying to program it from my own application, without success. I have the JetFile protocol spec and have been sending commands that look almost exactly like the code posted, as well as looking at the output from the Sigma 3000 program. I used the freeware SHDCom program from I noticed that the Sigma program sends and receives lots of data in addition to the command structure documented in the spec.

Please post any complete working code samples. I'll let you know if I manage to get my program working. Regards, Eric. I lost my original code, but I got my sign working again. It alsow now works for Chris Gray. The problem is that when I try to send a 'file' to the sign, c: sequent.sys (on the sign) does not get updated.

So you create a legit file with sigma editor, rename it without an extension. Push the renamed file with sigma play. This will update the sequent.sys file on the sign. Now run my program which sends a file named 'A' to the sign and it should work.

Open Sigma Editor: ------------------ 1) Click new file 2) enter in 'working?' 3) Save to computer as 'A.nmg' 4) Exit Sigma editor 5) Rename file to 'A' (no extension) Open Sigma Player: ------------------ 6) Click on List Manage 7) Expand My Play List 8) Select all files in the right hand pane and delete them 9) Click the add button and find the 'A' file in step 5 10) Send to sign Compile my program (CinderSerial) --------------------------------- 1) Type in text you want to be displayed 2) Select a color 3) (display mode isnt implemented yet) 4) Click submit You can download my code sample at. Good Evening, I recently aquired a MVS780RG sign. I wanted to program the sign from my computer but had a few quetions.

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