Sims 3 Caches Sunset Valley Objectcache Download

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Ok, so I get the following error when my Sims 3 disc is installing: The. The following error occurred on the file 'D: Caches Sunset File D: Caches Sunset Valley.objectCache. Error: Data error (cycli redundancy check)] keeps popping up:( Every time the message popped up and I.

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• Downloads False. Each CD-Key is for one user only. • Consoles Put the 3DS' SD card into your computer, then copy every file from it (even, if there are, hidden files).

So i bought sims 3 the other day and i tried installing it on my mac. It had an error installing a file. My mac has all of the requirements to download it. Why is it not working?!!?!? What do i do to fix it?!?!? It says 'error installing file' /v. This section of NeatAnswers has scoured the internet for answers to all of your questions.

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