Scm Xilog 3

Machine works fine, but I can only program it by typing out the Gcode manually in the machine. Which is a real PIA! From what research ive done apparently Xilog is the appropriate software to use with this machine? I wanna be able to program comfortably on my laptop then transfer to machine either via floppy or network. Writing a program manually in gcode line for line at the machine just way too time consuming.

The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite is designed to program three. By cogworks » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:26 pm. Xilog etc, which is SCM graphical type software and NUM MMI which is a more of an old school gcode interface.

So hopefully Xilog is the answer to my woes? If not maybe you can point me in the right direction.

From what I can tell I must only have the machine control half of the software, and not the program editing half. I have the control software on the machine which allows the setup of tools, Gcode editing/loading, manual control ect. But I dont have anything to create/edit programs on a separate computer.

So I have been resorting to just plotting out tool paths in gcode right in the machine control panel. Its getting me by, but as you can imagine its a big hassle.If I wanna change the size of a part I have to completely go through my code line by line, as where this Xilog editing software should have some sort of parametric ability.

But I dont know, old machine and documentation is hard to come. I havent talked to SCM, yet. I guess I didnt think they would be much help since this is an old machine I purchased used at auction. Worth a try I suppose. Thank you very much! I found the serial number for my machine, it is AL1-001909 When I write a program in editor and save it to the machine, it is in the PGM format already. The machine has something called esacad on it which seems to be some kind of graphical programming interface.

It is very basic in functionality from what I can tell, I played with it only a little bit though. I have absolutely no documentation on this esacad and find even less on the net.

But either way with Xilog plus I should be able to do what I need. Speedball textbook 23rd edition pdf free download programs.