Centrala Termica Ariston Microtec 23 Mffi Manual

Daca ma poate ajuta cineva,as avea nevoie de manualul de utilizare pentru o centrala ARISTON MICROTEC 23MFFI si manualul de utilizare pentru un cronotermostat ARISTON MICROCONTROL(706360).De asemenea as vrea sa stiu pe ce nivel sa pun reglajul pentru temperatura apei din instalatia de incalzire.Pe panoul de comanda reglajul este de la 1 la 9. Ariston micro genus 23 mffi 27 mffi installation manual 47 116 14 15 1.pdf water. Vas expansiune centrale termice ariston microtec si ariston microgenus pret.

• User’s Manual. • Dear Customer, The guarantee on this appliance is valid for 24 months from the first Thank you for choosing an ARISTON day of installation.

We guarantee that your boiler is a reliable Repairs to the electric, hydraulic and technically sound product. • TABLE OF CONTENTS page 4 ENERAL NFORMATION Technical Information page 5 Control Panel page 6 page 8 PERATING NSTRUCTIONS SEFUL NFORMATION page 14 ROUBLESHOOTING page 16 AINTENANCE page 16 HANGE OF page 17 LOCK MPORTANT Please read this manual carefully. For additional information, please consult the “Installation and Servicing Instructions.”. ENERAL NFORMATION Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to use the appliance without MTS (GB) Limited support the supervision.

Your installer will give you, and If you smell gas in the room, do not turn show you how to use, a logbook which will on light switches, use the telephone or give you important information about your. • ECHNICAL NFORMATION 23 kW 27 kW GENERAL DATA Heating input max-min 25.6-11.0 29.8-12.0 Heating output max-min 23.8-9.7 27.8-10.5 Efficiency at Maximum Thermal Capacity (see 92.9 93.5 installation instructions) CENTRAL HEATING Operating Temperature max-min °C 82-42 82-42 Maximum-Minimum Heating Pressure 3-0.7 3-0.7 Built-in expansion vessel - Total capacity litres. • ONTROL ANEL 23 MI 23/27 MFFI. • EGEND A - On/Off knob K - Central heating temperature B - Domestic hot water temperature L.E.D (yellow) adjustment knob L - Time clock C - Central heating selection M - Heating system pressure gauge (winter) and temperature adjustment knob D - On/Off L.E.D. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ELPFUL UGGESTIONS AUTION To get the most out of your boiler, we nstallation, start-up, adjustments have provided you with some useful and maintenance must be performed advice proper by a competent person only, in maintenance: accordance with the current Gas - Periodically check system. Consult your installer for reducing gas consumption and checking and refilling the system. Maintenance costs.

- The outer panels of the unit's case - If the boiler should be out of use for must only be cleaned with a damp prolonged period, cloth. • boiler fail to ignite a second time, check GNITION PROCEDURE that the external gas cock is open.

If the Turn the selector knob “A” to the “J” problem persists, contact position. The green L.E.D. “D” will Authorised Service Centre. Illuminate indicating that the boiler is ready to operate. • the user can select winter or summer somewhere between min. And max., a operating mode. Keeping the knob “C” temperature may be obtained which at the “0” position selects the summer varies from approximately 45˚C to operating mode.

Pl2303 eeprom writer utility software. Include Drivers, EEPROM Writer and User Manual NOTE: Requires PL2303RA OTP Converter Board. PL2303 Family Support Documents. Drivers & Software. PL-2303 WinCE 4.2. Only the EEPROM writer program is different and not compatible. Contact Prolific for the latest versions. Below is a comparison table for the drivers, tools, and utilities used for each controller: Table 2 – Prolific PL-2303 Drivers and Programs Comparison Table PL-2303H Windows Driver Support Note: All. PL2303RA USB to Serial Bridge Controller Datasheet. EEPROM Writer and User Manual. Windows Driver Installer Setup Program (For PL2303 HXA, XA, HXD, EA, RA, SA.:2303 EEPROM programmer prolific pl2303xeepromwriter_v1003 PL2303 EEPROM Writer program Prolific PL2303 EEPROM Writer utility software mgMibBrow-11_0j. Modify PL2303 PID & VID. This software is such a piece of crap and I just wanted to have a serial port with a modem on it. Below is a screenshot of the EEPROM.

Winter operating about 80˚C. • it at max in order to temperature for the water may be obtain best chosen in a range from 36˚C to about performance from 56˚C, depending on the flow rate of the the boiler and to water and the position of the knob allow the regulation between the min. • The comfort mode is a special operating state, because the water URNING OFF THE BOILER contained in the secondary exchanger and in the primary exchanger is kept in To turn the boiler off, rotate the selector a preheated condition, thereby allowing knob “A”.

USEFUL INFORMATION illuminate. In order to reset the ignition, the button “H” must be pressed and AND TROUBLESHOOTING released.

Should the boiler fail to ignite a second time, check that the external OILER SHUTDOWN SITUATIONS gas cock is open. If the problem persists, contact an Authorised Service The boiler is equipped with safety Centre. • within the system, have a plumber HUTDOWN DUE TO INSUFFICIENT check the heating system for possible WATER CIRCULATION water leaks. EMPORARY SHUTDOWN DUE TO If the red L.E.D. “L” is DEFECTIVE DISCHARGE OF illuminated boiler off, EXHAUST FUMES possible cause for this state is an insufficient The boiler is fitted with safety devices, pressure of water in the system. MAINTENANCE MPORTANT If this situation occurs frequently, contact an Authorised Service Centre. Schedule an annual maintenance so that they may check that the exhaust check-up boiler with fumes are being expelled correctly and competent person.

That the area is ventilated properly. Correct maintenance always results in savings in the cost of running the FROST DEVICE. TIME CLOCK Do this: - every time you wish to “Reset” time The steps marked with the symbol switch; are necessary to carry out a switching - to erase all switching times and the program. Current time of day.