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Split PDF by Page Do you have the need to split. Jose Carillo's English Forum. Title: “Summer Solstice” by Nick Joaquin Post by: Joe Carillo on April 04. The Full Story Of Summer Solstice By Nick Joaquin. Playwright, and essayist writing in English, the National Artist for Literature. Joaquin is widely considered the. The Summer Solstice.

As she lifed her skirts to walk away, the young man, propping up his elbows, dragged himself forward on the ground and solemnly kissed the tips of her shoes. She stared down in sudden horror, transfixed— and he felt her violent shudder. She backed away slowly, still staring; then turned and fled toward the house. On the way home that evening Don Paeng noticed that his wife was in a mood. They were alone in the carriage: the children were staying overnight at their grandfather’s. The heat had not subsided. It was heat without gradations: that knew no twilights and no dawns; that was still there, after the sun had set; that would be there already, before the sun had risen.

“Has young Guido been annoying you?” asked Don Paeng. All afternoon.” “These young men today— what a disgrace they are! I felt embarrassed as a man to see him following you about with those eyes of a whipped dog.” She glanced at him coldly. “And was that all you felt, Paeng? Embarrassed— as a man?” “A good husband has constant confidence in the good sense of his wife,” he pronounced grandly, and smiled at her. But she drew away; huddled herself in the other corner. “He kissed my feet,” she told him disdainfully, her eyes on his face.

He frowned and made a gesture of distaste. They have the instincts, the style of the canalla! To kiss a woman’s feet, to follow her like a dog, to adore her like a slave— “ “Is it so shameful for a man to adore women?” “A gentlemen loves and respects Woman.

The cads and lunatics— they ‘adore’ the women.” “But maybe we do not want to be loved and respected— but to be adored.” “Ah, he has converted you then?” “Who knows? But must we talk about it? My head is bursting with the heat.” But when they reached home she did not lie down but wandered listlessly through the empty house. When Don Paeng, having bathed and changed, came down from the bedroom, he found her in the dark parlour seated at the harp and plucking out a tune, still in her white frock and shoes. “How can you bear those hot clothes, Lupeng?

And why the darkness? Order someone to bring a light in here.” “There is no one, they have all gone to see the Tadtarin.” “A pack of loafers we are feeding!” She had risen and gone to the window. He approached and stood behind her, grasped her elbows and, stooping, kissed the nape of her neck. But she stood still, not responding, and he released her sulkily. She turned around to face him. “Listen, Paeng. I want to see it, too.

The Tadtarin, I mean. I have not seen it since I was a little girl. And tonight is the last night.” “You must be crazy!


Only low people go there. And I thought you had a headache?” He was still sulking. “But I want to go! Kvitanciya remont sotovih telefonov obrazec My head aches worse in the house. Ustanovka printera canon lbp 800 dlya windows xp. For a favour, Paeng.” “I told you: No!

Go and take those clothes off. But, woman, whatever has got into you!” He strode off to the table, opened the box of cigars, took one, banged the lid shut, bit off an end of the cigar, and glared about for a light. She was still standing by the window and her chin was up. “Very well, if you do not want to come, do not come— but I am going.” “I warn you, Lupe; do not provoke me!” “I will go with Amada. Entoy can take us.

You cannot forbid me, Paeng. There is nothing wrong with it. I am not a child.”. “What a sight you are, man! What have you done with yourself?” And when he did not answer: “Why, have they pulled out his tongue too?” she wondered aloud. And when they were home and stood facing each other in the bedroom, she was as still as light-hearted.

“What are you going to do, Rafael?” “I am going to give you a whipping.” “But why?” “Because you have behaved tonight like a lewd woman.” “How I behaved tonight is what I am. If you call that lewd, then I was always a lewd woman and whipping will not changed me — though you whipped me till I died.” “I want this madness to die in you.” “No, you want me to pay for your bruises.” He flushed darkly.

“How can you say that, Lupe?” “Because it is true. You have been whipped by the women and now you think to avenge yourself by whipping me.” His shoulders sagged and his face dulled. “If you can think that of me—“ “You could think me a lewd woman!” “Oh, how do I know what to think of you? I was sure I knew you as I knew myself.