Jcd 201m Base Microphone Manual

JCD-201M Base Microphone Regular Price: $149.99 SALE Price: $119.9. 9 Selectable for 2 sets of transceivers at once by slide switch. High Sensitivity Electret Condenser Microphone Element equipped. High Quality Compressor Amplifier ( High - Low selectable ) built-in. It sends out constant and optimum level without distortion regardless of audio input level. Equipped with FM(AM)/SSB Audio Quality Selector Switch for optimum operation. The Electret Condenser Microphone ensures clearer voice quality in FM(AM) position and better voice quality on SSB.

Non-Modulation Prevention Circuit built-in. After continuous transmitting for a few minutes, the alarm circuit will be activated with alarm sound for 30 seconds. Then, the condition returns to receiving mode automatically. Battery-Check Circuit built-in. Turn the power switch on ( by selecting 'FM' or 'SSB' position ), and the level meter indicates the battery condition with power voltage for a few seconds.].

JCD-201 DELUXE BASE STATION DESKTOP MICROPHONE For use with Amatur radio or CB radios.

MFJ has a few similar looking mics, this seems to be their top of the line model. $99.95 R&L has it for $89.95 and copper sells a 4 or 5 or 6 pin adapter for $10 according to 808 the one copper the sells are special made according coppers design changes.

I would imagine what if any design changes were trivial at best given coppers and 808 reputation away from the copper site. Anyone have any experience or comments on MFJ mics? Heres 6 reviews on it. 5 liked it 6 didnt. Could be one was confused by the controlls and didnt like it, or the other 5 wouldnt know a good mic if it was shoved up their butt. Universaljnij puljt mac 2002 kodi.

LOL, anyhow here they are. Heres a PDF manual for it. Seems to use a computer LAN/network connector. Can this be wired to a 4 or 5 pin cb radio? Yes correct, that line came from 808, so who knows, lol.

Jcd 201m Base Microphone Manual

I do know I like the mic and I'm very happy with it, although the 502 is less expensive. Also I like the dual outputs, Compression Hi/low and well the mic says manual, but it should say OFF, and the ssb/fm mode, then the manual gain control when your not running the compression, and the meter! Gotta have more meters on the table lol I'd buy a 502 just to try it, and i might just do it anyways although i shouldn't lol. Just bought more crap I really didn't need but this addiction has the best of me.