Fallout Of Nevada Save Editor

Oct 28, 2018 - Hey, Is there any save or character editor of Fallout Nevada? Sep 20, 2011 - Click image for larger version. Name: Fallout NV Scan 2. FAllout New Vegas Save Editor.rar (6.18 MB, 4471 views). Last edited by textom37;.

No, that is not how the save system works and you cannot change with mods how the game saves. What you can do though is to open the console with ^ (QWERZT) or ~ (QWERTY), depending on your layout and give the savegame a name, e.g: save 'SniperLOL' save 'MeleePwnage' That is as far as it can get with character management in FO:NV. For more information on Keyboard Commands, see.

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You only need to do this once, e.g. After creating your character, if you overwrite it, it will retain the name. The name you give the save is also reflected on your harddisc. Ps.: If you care about achievements, you need to restart your game after saving with this method, otherwise you are not going to get any and they won't be rewarded retroactively.