Tera Term Macro Examples

Connects to Cygwin. Cygconnect [] Remarks. If MACRO is not linked to Tera Term, this command runs Tera Term that is connected to cygwin, and links it to MACRO. MACRO (TTPMACRO.EXE) is an interpreter of the macro language 'Tera Term Language (TTL)', which controls Tera Term and provides various functions like auto dialing, auto login and so on. Usage How to run a macro file.

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Inputbox inputbox Displays a dialog box prompting user to input a string. Inputbox [ []] Parameters string It is displayed in the dialog box. String It is displayed as the dialog box title. String (optional default='(empty)) The default string on edit control.

Integer (optional default=0) If it is non-zero, following strings in is treated as spacial character. Does not effect to.

Input output ' ' n line feed t tab This option is obsolete. You are recommended to use the strspecial command. Return Value System variable The string entered by the user is returned. Example inputbox 'Password:' 'Login' sendln inputstr See also •.