Super Smash Flash 2 Save Data Download

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Download below Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9 and play it in offline mode for different OS: Windows – Mac – Linux – Great news guys, I have found amazing flash game which will help you to escape boredom. This game belongs to the action/fighting category, it has popular characters in it which you probably already know, for example: Mario, Naruto, Bomberman, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Ichigo Kurosaki and many more. Main reason what makes this game outstanding is the ability of characters, first of all there are many characters which you can choose and each one has its own unique attack abilities, combo point attacks and spells. Not only you have to understand what kind of spells are in your arsenal, but you have also have to understand what your opponent can use against you, what weak spots they have and how to use them in your advantage. It will be tough at first, but when you will remember spells of most of the characters, you will play a lot better. So, name of this flash game is Super Smash Flash 2, developer of this game is following company – McLeodGaming.

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There were many different updates since release, currently latest version of the game is v0.9b which you can play above online, don’t forget to bookmark our site – [ SuperSmashFlash2Download.Org] so you can play whenever you want, oh and also guys keep in mind on our site you can also Download Super Smash Flash 2. Game has different modes, options, stages and of course possibility to let four players play at the time, you can enjoy this game with your friends, play together and test your skills against each other. Controls of the game can be changed from menu for different players, if you want to see which buttons you should use by default, check screenshot below.

It is important to know that some characters are extremely good against specific heroes when playing 1 vs 1 mode, it is due to what kind of spells they have, in gaming world it is called CounterPick. Now you know most details about this amazing fighting game, if you have any questions or ideas which you would love to share with us, leave them below in comments.