Bosch Me7 Tuning Software

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of interest in using the RoadRunner as a general purpose ROM emulator for the Bosch ME7 platform as found in ~2000-2005ish Volkwagen 1.8t and Audi 2.7t applications. This is an “off-label” application and you should NOT expect “plug and play” ease of installation. This isn’t something that we’ve played with ourselves very much, so the information we can offer is somewhat limited. This page will attempt to collect what we know in one place. • The is the principal hardware being used.


After a few hours of yahoo searches I'm finding it hard to locate a programing software that is compatible with our bosch ME7 ecu that is volvo specific. I have someone that can assist me in the programing / tuning on a dyno with air fuel ratio monitoring.

Arabic language pack vista. We offer an but highly encourage you to do this yourself. • The main online forum where DIY-ish activity for this platform seems to be • People seem to be using mostly (with a XDF from ) and WinOLS software. • There seems to be an endian difference between many of the ME7 files and the RR. We sell a (2.7t specific I think?) which can be used to correct this.

(Or it can be done in software) • There is a “bridge” program that allows the RR to be used with WinOLS.

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