Sony Content Browser 2 Serial

Sony have just released an update to Content Browser. The new version (2.1) now has a 30 day trial period before a licence key is required. From version 2.0 Content Browser has included support for XAVC as well as XDCAM and NXCAM, so just one unified content management tool is required for the majority of the Sony professional camera range. You can download version 2.1 from here: Other improvements in version 2.1 include • Enhancement of CIFS connection (for XDCAM devices) • PMW-1000 and XDCAM Station v2.3 support • Browse clips on Professional Disc and SxS memory card via CIFS connection. A colleague of mine recently attended a seminar of yours in Copenhagen, wherein you talked about the Sony Content Browser and said it was well applied for formatting cards, to change their names, but keep the meta-data, which we would like to do. Avoiding that whenever we clear the card and upload new clips, our regular programmes don’t recognize that there has been previous footage, names it the same things and a mishap appears concerning linking to the footage, because of name-sakes). We shoot on a SONY FS5 in FULL HD, and have downloaded the Content Browser.

However, the card does not appear directly in the browser, to select, unless we’ve transferred it to a different disc. Do you have any tutorials or advice on how to proceed?

Mar 7, 2013 - Current users of Content Browser v1.x or XDCAM Browser are able to register for a free serial number for Content Browser v2.0 To register click.

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