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WKSU Vehicle Donation Program WKSU provides our community award-winning news and information programming, along with the best of classical and folk music. In order to provide this great service throughout Northeast Ohio, the station needs support from listeners like you that can make a difference. One way that you can help support WKSU continue its mission is by donating your old car, truck, or RV.

The HDK features: • 337p BGA RM48 MCU, on board • On Board USB XDS100v2 JTAG • On Board SCI to USB Serial • 20pin ARM and MIPI JTAG connectors • 6 White NHET LEDs • 2 Tri-Color RGB NHET LEDs • 8MB SDRAM (EMIF) • Ambient light and temp sensor • 2 CAN transceivers • 1 RJ-45 ethernet port • 1 Micro SD card slot (SPI mode) • 1 USB host herder and 1 SUB device connector More information specific to the RM48 Hercules MCU family can be found on the. The development board features an on board XDS100v2 JTAG emulator along with access to several key communication and peripheral interfaces. The RM48 Hercules Development Kit (HDK) is ideal for evaluating and starting development with the Hercules platform of safety microcontrollers. Spi serial flash programmer schematic drawings. The kit is comprised of a development board, a DC power supply, a mini-B USB cable, and Ethernet cable and a software installation DVD.

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We have made donating your used vehicle easy and worthwhile. Thank you for supporting WKSU! Donate a car to WKSU and help keep quality programming on-air. Each vehicle donation helps WKSU provide listners with informative, engaging, and creative programs in Northeast Ohio. Help keep your favorite programs on-air and donate today. Have an old vehicle taking up space in your driveway?

Donate a car to WKSU!