Pci Serial Port Driver Hp Dc7900

The basic board spec shows it does not have a Serial port. However it does have an Intel Management Engine interface for which the drivers should be. If you read the driver page it informs that if these drivers are not installed it shows as missing drivers for a Simple Communications controller.

Software Drivers The eSATA port does not require a driver to function. Both SFF and CMT form factors of HP Compaq dc7900 Business PCs have an eSATA connector on.

To be clear serial ports are legacy devices and seldom used today. If not actually needed the lack of drivers for this specific device would have no effect on the system The specification also says nothing about a parallel port (Lpt1). Do you have an expansion card into which you plugging in the printer. The socket would not be in the main group of connectors but separate and in the vertical slots. Some port expansion cards had both Serial and parallel ports so this might be the missing driver.

If so you would need to identify what the card is and find the appropriate drivers. Unfortunately it is highly likely they would not be available for Windows 7. The spec of the Printer does not show USB so have you got a USB to Parallel converter, In which case that is going to need drivers itself. Venerable and functional it may be but the 710c is a very old printer and although it may work if set up right is not supported on Windows 7.

Machine is an HP Compaq dc7800p Convertible Minitower Serial Number: CZC8473P94 Product Number: FU291ES Windows 7 -64bits In device manager under 'Other Deives' there is a yellow? Mark by 'PCI Serial port' and PCI simple Communications Controller The Details tab of PCI Serial Port' reveals that its Device Instance ID is: Chip: Intel Q35 chipset Serial KT Controller and the other PCI simple Communications Controller drivers name 'Chip: Intel Q35 Chipset HECI Controller' I cannot find these drivers, and I've installed and/or updated all the ones that I think might apply. Here are these two drivers. 'Chip: Intel Q35 chipset Serial KT Controller' 'Chip: Intel Q35 Chipset HECI Controller' I tried to download from HP website but I didn't find.

Does anyone know what the correct drivers are? Similar help and support threads Thread Forum applied. Sorry that last word didn't get in the subject line. So: These two values are: USB VID_0CF3&PID_3000&REV_0200 USB VID_0CF3&PID_3000 Drivers Hello everyone, I hope you could give me some clue that may have caused the appearance of an unknown device.

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