Cc Generals Zero Hour Maps Pack Download

Cc generals zero hour maps pack download pc

This is map pack version 3 for C&C Generals Zero Hour. It has brand new maps and improved old ones. General 362 Map Pack has four great Generals map conversions made for Zero Hour Skirmish. Two Unused Generals Maps: Map 1. Bridge Busters Map 2. Swiss Mountains Description: While going through C&C Generals map files, I noticed two unfinished maps that were never included in the actual game. Bridge Busters and Swiss Mountains are quite good.

Hills of value description (online multiplayer only) this is a 2-player 'no frills' Temperate map with mountains and valley area. Buildings scattered about the middle of the map to garrison your troops in.Good supply of money and room to build. 'you can try this in skirmish it worked for me'....Airforce Desert description (online multiplayer/skirmish) There is no connection between the two start positions so this map is only created for airforce general.

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There are 3 amphibious vehicles avaiable on every site to cross the ocean with infantry or burton....[2pl] stronghold description online/skirmish in the upper right corner is an aircraft carrier and two battleships and pretty many tech goodies to capture. It's very good amount of room to build....Arena description (online/skirmish) The final, improved version of the arena map. Arena is an average sized skirmish map where players start in an open valley....Abandoned Boss Base Capture description (online/multiplayer) This 4player map is modeled from one of my favoritee zero hour maps. Capture the abandoned boss buildings in the center of the map to gain the advantage against the other players.

I thought up this map with 2 vs 2 online or free 4 all online in mind. This map can be used for skirmish and online play I had the most fun with it online.

Good map for the combat chinook. Capture,capture,capture, is how you turn the tables in this map....Arena Of Fate description (skirmish) This is a conversion of a map that was originaly made for the generals game. A 4-player Desert 'oasis' type multi-level landscaped map with oil derricks and refineries and all the detailing that goes with an oil comunity. Bunkers at base entry locations helps with defenses. There are a variaty of tech structures avaiable for capture. Small island in the middle.

Goodie crates at various locations on the map. Buildings to garrison. Plenty of cash resources! Map has been tested and optimized for skirmish play against the cmoputer. Should give ya a good battle if played against medium or hard army....Arena 82 ((NO DESCRIPTION!!!))...

New map pack comming SOON!!!! Many more maps included!!!