Kenwood Amplifier A 5j Manual

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Service Manual for KENWOOD KAC-7252, downloadable as a PDF file. We also have to this model. Manual details • Immediate download after payment.

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Hi Daryl, There are two options in which you can connect your EQ to the AMP. The preferred way is through the TAPE MONITOR jacks. The signal level at this stage is well suited for the EQ to handle. But if you are using the TAPE monitor jacks, then go for option 2. Take out the jumper connectors and plug the RCA cords from your EQ. The voltage level at this stage is around 1-2 volts AC.

Most EQs can handle lower than 1.5volts, higher than that will cause a slight distortion. In some high end EQ models there is a voltage level selector, that you can toggle between high and low level input signals. Anyway don't worry much on this voltage levels, the 2 volts is unusual unless you have the volume control at maximum. Alternate between the two options so you can decide on which you prefer. Enjoy listening!

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