Shablon Otkritki K 23 Fevralya Svoimi Rukami

Cards for February 23 the hands can become excellent gifts by this remarkable holiday. It is possible to do cards by the hands together with children — then such work can be handed with pride to the father. How to do a beautiful card for February 23 by the hands?

Independent production of cards requires a dense cardboard (white or color), color or decorative paper, scissors, glue. In addition also rags of fabric, a spangle, beads and other decorative materials can be necessary. Before starting production of a card, it is worth thinking over its design properly. So, traditional elements of cards for February 23 are stars, St.George's Ribbons, salutes, carnations etc. It is possible to make similar elements of various materials. For example, it is easy to make a St.George's Ribbon of orange and black color paper: three narrow strips of black paper need to be pasted on a wide strip orange, to issue edges of a tape 'swallow'. Volume star from paper for a card for February 23 For production of a star on a card by February 23 it is possible to cut out simply a flat figure from paper or fabric, and then to paste it on a basis.

And to receive a volume asterisk on a card, it is possible to arrive so. From paper of suitable color (red, golden, orange) it is necessary to cut out a star figure, having left from each party small 'allowances' (see drawing). On the planned lines it is necessary to bend preparation of a star a little: bends on long lines 'look' outside, and bends on the short — inside. Allowances need to be bent inside, with their help the star will fasten to a card basis. Cards in style of origami for February 23 Cards in style of origami for February 23 the hands Cards for February 23 the hands can be made, using equipment of origami. For example, cards with origami shirts turn out very original.

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To make such shirt, only the rectangular sheet of decorative paper is necessary. It is possible to make a shirt, following the scheme below or the description. Liszt needs to bend in half along the long party. Then to develop a leaf, and to bend its edges to the center. Again to develop a leaf. To turn it face up and then to bend the top corners to the line of the central bend so that the triangle (as was formed at production of paper samoletik). Now it is necessary to unbend a leaf, again to turn it the face down.

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Again to bend the top corners inside — to just received lines of a bend. Corners do not need to be unbent. Then the top part of a leaf is bent down, as the line of a bend the conditional straight line drawn between extreme points of the bent corners serves.

The following step — formation of sleeves of origami shirt. For this purpose extreme 'edges' from two parties are bent inside, to the line of the central bend. Then, holding with a finger preparation, it is necessary to turn out corners. Further it is necessary to start formation of a collar. It is necessary to turn preparation the face to itself. On the lower party of preparation it is necessary to plan the horizontal line of a bend, having receded from edge of 1-1,5 cm. On the planned line to bend edge of preparation in the direction on itself.

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