Pisjmo Drugu Kak Ya Provel Kanikuli Na Anglijskom

I live in Pyatigorsk. This is a very beautiful town. It is situated in Stavropol region in the North Caucasus. It is situated among five mountains, at the foot of the mountain of Mashuk. Our town has a small river of Podkumok. Pyatigorsk is a historical, cultural and health center. The places of interest are: the Lermontov's grot, the Diana's grot, the Proval with its blue water, which has an interesting legend, the Lermontov house, where the great poet lived, the place of his duel, where he was killed in 1841, the wonderful Lermontov gallery and some other places.

Yeah, well, let me rephrase it (sorry for my english btw). I'm a freshman architecture student and we have this class they want me to design a house from scratch. Nosnarbo 28.04.16 01:03 comment6, Chity na gta 5 onlain ps3.

There are many cultural places in our town: the Theater of Music Comedy, many cinemas, libraries, the park of culture and rest and the monuments of old architecture. In our town as in many other towns there is a church, which is very beautiful. The center of the trade is the district of Upper and Under markets. There are many shops and stalls there.

A broad way leads there. Our town is a health center. It has mineral springs, sanatoriums, hospitals, physical-culture centers and others.

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Many tourists visit our town. They are not only from our country, but also from many other countries. There are 3 institutes in our town.

They are: Pedagogical, Pharmaceutical and Politechnical. There are also many technical and secondary schools. I like my town very much because it's my native town.