Ibm Usb Serial Parallel Adapter 22p9036

That is old hardware, but looks so cool. I was not able to find the support site, maybe someone else has a clue. But for the moment, do you want to try some other stuff?

Download IBM Lenovo USB Serial/Parallel Adapter Driver ( Absolutely Free! Drivers For Free software scans your computer for missing and outdated drivers. With free account activation and minimal restrictions on the number of downloads, you can download this driver absolutely free in minutes. This file provides the driver for installing the USB Serial Parallel Adapter, part number 22P5298, as a serial port and parallel port in Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP. This driver supports all ThinkPad models with an available USB port.

Can you check and post the Hardware ID of the USB devices recognized on Windows? I'm guessing there should be two Hardware IDs, one for the serial adapter and other for the parallel adapter. Maybe with the hardware ids we can find something. Other thing that may work (or not) is trying to see if it recognizes the HardwareID of this device with some other driver.

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Name Size Date Down/ibmusb/FTSERIAL.SYS 48.4 KB 6 Oct 1999 Down/ibmusb/FTDIUNIN.EXE 274.9 KB 29 Oct 1999 1.3 KB 10 Nov 1999 Down/ibmusb/Uninst.exe 204.8 KB 23 Jul 1999 Down/ibmusb/U2Par.sys 37.1 KB 23 Jul 1999 Down/ibmusb/USBENET.SYS 33.0 KB 5 Oct 1999 Down/ibmusb/FTCOMMS.VXD 20.5 KB 6 Oct 1999 8.1 KB 10 Nov 1999 1.2 KB 10 Nov 1999 1.5 KB 10 Nov 1999 Down/ibmusb/PARPORT.VXD 13.4 KB 23 Jul 1999 Down/ibmusb/FTSENUM.SYS 22.6 KB 6 Oct 1999 Down/ibmusb/Netbeui.exe 120.3 KB 21 Sep 1999 Down/ibmusb/FTSENUM.VXD 6.7 KB 6 Oct 1999 705 bytes 10 Nov 1999 Driver Related Resources.