Pavel Aksenov Poslednyaya Vera

Socialism to be found in the celebrated 'Fourth Dream of Vera Pavlovna', part of. Among them are the 'brainstorming' author and scientist Pavel Amnuel – he. Includes the powerful Post-Holocaust novella 'Poslednyaya pastoral' (1987. #8) by Ales Adamovich as well as works by C Aitmatov, Vasily Aksyonov and V.


Alternative Title: Paul Axelrod Pavel Borisovich Akselrod, also called Paul Axelrod, (born 25, 1850?, Chernigov?,, [now, Ukraine]—died 1928,, Germany), Marxist theorist, a prominent member of the first, and one of the leaders of the reformist wing of Russian, known after 1903 as the. Akselrod participated in the (populist) movement during the 1870s and formed the revolutionary splinter group Black Repartition with in 1879. Later traveling to western Europe, he became a Marxist and a founder of the (1883), the first organization committed to spreading in. He also joined the editorial board of the Marxist newspaper Iskra (1900; “The Spark”). He adopted Menshevism at the Second Congress of Russian Social Democrats (1903), and for the next 15 years he was the leading ideologist of the. Akselrod called for Russian Marxists to abandon violent revolutionary activities and instead to concentrate their efforts on labour organizing and parliamentary work in the social democratic tradition of western Europe.

Akselrod opposed leader ’s strategy of organizing a highly centralized Marxist led by professional revolutionaries, and he predicted that, if such a party were to gain power in Russia, it would simply replace the despotism of the autocratic with its own form of despotism. During Akselrod favoured the defense of Russia, and he opposed the in October 1917. Afterward he lived in western Europe, where he was one of the leading Marxist critics of Leninist rule. His memoirs Perezhitoye i peredumanoye (“Experiences and Reflections”) were published in 1923.

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