Nokia N8 Photo Video Editor Download

Could you let us know how you did your hard reset? If by any other means then the code *#7370# You likely used a reset which is reserved for Nokia Care Centres.

Mostri e pirati gioco. This reset is used to get a phone back on when it won't start normally. This reset may remove a number of files from the device which are not installed by the updates available to you as an end user of the device and this may leave your device unstable or non functional. In this case you'd have to visit a Nokia Care Point where the device can be rewritten at lower level including these files. This will completely erase all content from the device so make sure you have a backup of your personal data made in Nokia Suite before you do this. Press the 'Accept As Solution' icon if I have solved your problem, click on the Star Icon below if my advice has helped you!

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You could try reinstalling the Firmware using Nokia Suite. If that doesn't do the trick then you will have to go to a Nokia Care point to get those applications re-installed. I realise it's too late now but did you try holding the power button down for eight seconds until three vibrations are felt when your phone crashed? This would have re-booted the phone without losing any of your applications/data and is the equivalent of pulling the battery out. The three fingered suicide is meant to be used to try and switch on an otherwise dead phone and shouldn't be used for any other purpose.

Nov 9, 2010 - GLOBAL – Last week, we showed you how to edit photos right from your Nokia N8 using the built-in photo editor. Today, we continue the tips. Jun 9, 2010 - Nokia has released their second N8 walkthrough video - the first was an overview of Symbian^3 - and topically they're talking about on-device.