Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals Full Album Torrent

Artista: Marilyn Manson Titolo Album: Mechanical Animals Anno: 1998 Tracce: 14 Formato: Mp3 Durata: 62'.: Tracce. 1 - Great Big White World 2 - The Dope Show 3 - Mechanical Animals 4 - Rock Is Dead 5 - Disassociative 6 - The Speed of Pain 7 - Posthuman 8 - I Want to Disappear 9 - I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) 10 - New Model, No.

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15 11 - User Friendly 12 - Fundamentally Loathsome 13 - The Last Day on Earth 14 - Coma White.: Dati File.

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• No text shitposts. JOIN OUR DISCORD • Online Resources • • • • • [FRENCH] • Related Subreddits • • •. Live kneejerk reactions as I listen: Oh my god of fuck, Revelation 12 is INSANE. MM hasn't sounded like this since the 90s.

That was awesome. Tattooed in Reverse: What the hell?

This is just straight up fun. Oh man, and it keeps getting better as it goes. I adore this song already. Not at all what I had expected. WKWYFL: I've shared my thoughts on this song before, of course, haha.

Still love it, especially in context. This album has swagger coming out of its pores. Say10: Here we go, the big one. And we have a winner! This song is feelthy! I wish the guitar was mixed a little higher at the end, as it gets lost in the drum crashes, but that might just be my cheap headphones. Kill4Me: Oh wow, that groove.

And those synths. Pale Emperor mashed up with Mechanical Animals?

This album is insanely diverse so far, and I love it. Spid info s nog nagolovu. I have zero idea what to expect from the second half.

Saturnalia: Mmm, that bassline. This is a really interesting track. This one will need more listens before I say much about it. I love the weirdly surf-rocky guitar riff. Jesus Crisis: I was apprehensive about this one, given the title and that cringey lyric the Metal Hammer review quoted, and that line is still cringey, but I'm really liking this.

Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals Full Album Torrent

Oh shit, just hit the moment others have mentioned. Still, probably the weakest song so far. Blood Honey: Whoa, this is clearly the EMDM track, haha. Damn, this is EXCELLENT. Going to be divisive, I think, but I am really, really into this. Again, those synths.