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Running time 157 minutes Country India Language Tamil Budget ₹15 crore (US$2.1 million) Box office est. ₹30 crore (US$4.2 million) Kaaki Sattai ( lit. Shirt) is a 2015 Indian co-written and directed by and produced by, their second collaboration after (2013). The film features and in the lead roles. The film's music was composed.

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The story revolves around police constable Mathimaran who wants to prove himself as a true, powerful cop by finding ways to solve issues of corruption in the law and order system in the department of police. The film which commenced filming in April 2014 released on 27 February 2015. In 2018, the film was dubbed in Hindi as Daring Policewala. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] Mathimaran () is a who only reports to work and goes home daily without contributing anything useful to the society as his boss Inspector Sathyamurthy () does not want to get on the wrong side of the upper levels of the police, who are corrupt and politically influenced, and is also unwilling to rock the present system due to past experience. Mathimaran and his fellow policemen never get any cases as a result, much to his irritation.

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Mathimaran falls in love with Divya (), who works as a nurse, but hides his occupation from her as her family hates police officers. With her help, he finds out about an illegal racket orchestrated by Durai (), a politician, and Dr. Devasagayam (), who is the chairman of the hospital where Divya works. They capture sick and injured migrant workers from, make them by administering them instead of, and then harvest their organs, which they sell abroad for huge amounts of money. The organ donation scam gives Mathimaran his first real case, and he takes it on with enthusiasm after Sathyamurthy and Durai's estranged father Singaperumal (), who had threatened to expose his son's misdeeds, are killed in a bomb blast orchestrated by Durai.

Mathimaran first confronts Devasagayam, who commits, but not before admitting his role in the scam and giving detailed information about it. He then decides to confront Durai and get him arrested, but there is not enough evidence against Durai except Devasagayam's word, and Devasagayam is dead. He tries to get more information about Durai's role in the scam incognito. Unfortunately, Durai soon finds out that Mathimaran is after him, and a cat-and-mouse game begins between the two. In the process, Mathimaran is suspended from duty, as the police commissioner () is close to Durai. Undaunted, he manages to expose the scam and Durai's involvement in it to the media.

But Durai wriggles out of arrest. Mathimaran decides to finish off Durai. He creates a ruckus during a felicitation function for Durai. In the chaos that ensues, he shoots Durai in the leg and gives him the same treatment which had been meted out to the North Indian workers: administering him carbon monoxide and then harvesting his organs after he is declared brain dead. Durai's death is covered up as a terrorist attack. Mathimaran is eventually promoted to Inspector in reward for his efforts in thwarting the organ donation scam.

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He also gets accepted by Divya's family, despite being a police officer, and marries Divya. • as Mathimaran Rathnavel, R5 Station Constable • as Divya, Worked as nurse in Hospital Devasagayam • as Sathyamurthy, R5 Station Inspector • as Durai Arasan, Human Trader known as businessman • as Jyothi Lingam, MLA and Durai's sidekick • as Sankara Narayanan alias Cyber Sanki.

Later, formed as Sankiji Swamy to defraud Jyothi Lingam • as Samarasam, R5 Station Head-Constable • as Subramanian, R5 Station Sub-Inspector • as Dr. Devasagayam, the owner of Hospital Devasagayam. Helping Durai in Human Trade • as Singaperumal, Founder of Man Power Agency and Durai Arasan's father. Anirudh Ravichander Released 12 December 2014 Recorded 2014 Length 19: 04 Language Anirudh Ravichander Anirudh Ravichander chronology (2014) Kaaki Sattai (2014) (2015) composed seven tracks for the soundtrack of the film. The album was launched at Radio Mirchi 98.3 on 12 December 2014, with the team opting to release the album to coincide with actor 's birthday. The song title 'Kadhal Kan Kattuthe' later inspired.