Jazz Waltz Drum Loops Free Download

Guys, I really need some assistance with this. I'm ancient (73 ) and I'm doing mostly tracks for a jazz gig that I play on Saturday nights. I play piano and play along with the tracks. I do all the tracks myself and program them to have bass, drums, vibes, and sometimes guitar, strings and a horn or two, depending on the tune. My problem is not being able to find drum loops that fit what I'm trying to do.

Some of the loops that come with LOGIC PRO work pretty well but I badly need some good, QUIET drum loop in 3/4. Can't find them anywhere.

Also I could use some good latin loops, bossa particularly and samba. The 3/4 loops I've found online ( from some company that has a monkey in the advertisements ) really don't work very well. They're poorly done and don't match my tempos. Very frustrating.

I'd really appreciate it if any of you guys can point me toward some good loops for an old jazzer. Unzip the loops into a folder. Giving the folder a name that represents the type and name of the loop collection. And then drag the folder onto the loop browser list (the lower part highlighted with a Black Box in the screenshot which you will need to scroll down to, to see in the screenshot.) in Logic. You will see a Green circle with a + sign in it.

When you have dragged it into the right place. It may then ask you if you want to copy the lops to your main library. I would normally allow this. As i have plenty of space free on my system drive. Once you have done that.

Does anybody know where I can get a 3/4 or 6/8 drum loop. Are some loops on the CD that are labeled as a country waltz, but they definitely sound like a waltz as played by a rock drummer. I just wish it had more fills and a tad less of a jazz feel to it. Mike stop by my site and grab some free samples. Get 3 4 time drum shuffle loop 115 bpm Loop royalty-free stock music clips, sound effects, and loops with. Sign Up to Download. Jazz Drum Loop (00:10).

Click the button shown in the following screenshot, highlighted by a Red Box. Loop Browser.png (68.43 KiB) Viewed 5341 times Now use the drop down menu highlighted with the Green Box in the screenshot above and locate the name of the folder you used to extract the loops to, press ALL in the 'Type' buttons (Highlighted with the Blue Box in the screenshot) and you should see the loops in the browser display. You can now drag them into the arrange window (Drag to an area where there is not a track and Logic will create the Audio track automatically) and it may ask you if you wish to change the Project tempo to match the Loop tempo. Choose yes, if you wish this to be so and no if you wish to keep your project tempo the same and then the loops will play at the tempo of your project.

Jal aadat 320kbps mp3 download. I have the same problem. I e-mailed Frank at Smart Loops about the need for 3/4 loops.

I bought a CD from and they are ok. There are some loops on the CD that are labeled as a country waltz, but they definitely sound like a waltz as played by a rock drummer. The kit is definitely a rock kit. Brush Artistry from Big Fish Audio has some nice loops, all played on drums and it even has single hits that you can use in Fruity Loops or whatever. Great sounding, subtle drums. I just wish it had more fills and a tad less of a jazz feel to it. I don't really have the time to build the loops myself and it is hard to unquantize the feel the way a real drummer does, playing on the backside of 2 & 4, varying the velocity on the high hat, etc.

I have tried recording some of my friends who are good drummers. I need better mics, a better room and about 10 years of recording experience first! I am really looking for very subtle loops to use in acoustic singer/songwriter tunes, kind of folky country. Stuck in the 70's with James Taylor, Jim Croce, etc. So, if you find what you are looking for, let me know.