Electrolux Dishlex Dx302 Service Manual

We had WB302WB for a few years and the heating stopped. We had Dishlex come out and charged $400 for a new mother board. Soon after, the new mother board blew again. After googling the same problem so many people have had, I opened took out the motherboard, found exactly the same problem as before. I re-soldered the one solder joint that was black from blowing, and it has been working for the last 3 years. Absolutely disgusting that there had been no free recall for the mother board, as it s a common problem caused by the bad design of the mother board.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US. User manual for electrolux dishlex DX302. I need a user manual for my Electrolux dishwasher Model DX302. Sep 25, 2017 - Related PDF's for ELECTROLUX DISHLEX DX302 OPERATING. We also have substantial number of product owners manual and also guide.

Now it's leaking from underneath and wrecking the new kitchen. Never ever buying Dishlex again. Spent an hour trying to fund a manual for this machine without success. Even searching 'manual' under 'dishlex' received no results!!! Our machine has the same problems as many of the other contributors. Not heating properly, not drying, etc etc.

Based on reviews here and cost of a service call I will be going to Appliances Online and ordering a new dishwasher immediately and it WILL NOT be an Electrolux. Their so called customer response exhibited here is obviously just a sham. Do they really think people are that stupid that they use made up names? Moved into a new property with a newly renovated kitchen. Little did we know that the appliances had still not been plumbed. Had a plumber connect the unused Dishlex DX302 dishwaser.

Worked ok for the first couple of month, the dishes weren't always dry however came out fairly clean. Within four months the dishwasher stopped heating, washing tablets wouldn't dissolve and obviously dishes came out dirty.

Contacted Dishlex customer service to find out that our 4 month old dishwasher was not under warranty due to the house we bought having a newly renovated kitchen and not a completely new build. We were told it would cost $300 + for a call out and parts. Your hard earned money is better spent on other brands names with better quality builds and better customer service and support.

You've lost me Electrolux/Dishlex. The power switch stopped working.

Seems like it has internally melted due to electrical arcing and/or high current draw, perhaps during heating cycles. Imvu benim karakter sayfam d. Given this seems to be a common problem others have experienced I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall.

Even before it melted it was still terrible at getting the dishes clean. We've given up and gone back to hand washing. Why are Electrolux hassling everyone who posts here to contact customer service? Perhaps 'sorry we made a crap product' would be a more appropriate starting point when engaging with unhappy customers? Although our dishwasher still looks in perfect condition it does not work & the control board (PCB) is broken, a very common problem. Download linkin park songs.

It does not heat the water or dry the dishes, the technician tried to re-solder the connections but it didn't work, cost to replace control board was $360+ & they last on average approx. 3years, we were lucky to have got 6years, but were hoping for 10. It would be great if Electrolux would redesign this faulty product. Have now bought a Miele & it will hopefully last a lot longer.

You wouldn't think that this was too much to ask, I mean, even the really cheap brands of dishwashers do exactly that - wash dishes. Electrolux is NOT a cheap brand. Well not in price anyway. We thought that Electrolux was a great brand to buy; a safe brand; a reliable brand. Boy were we wrong!!

Not long out of warranty and our dishwasher stopped washing and drying dishes effectively, probably because the machine would wash cold. Now my husband, an electrician, has done all that he can to revive this near useless appliance that sits in our kitchen. He has replaced the mother board twice, with little change in the machine's functioning. In desperation, we have even tried to plumb it straight into the hot water system. We really should have read more reviews before we bought this appliance. We will never again buy an Electrolux appliance or any other appliance that is sold under the mother company. We will never again recommend Electrolux to other people as a reliable brand to buy.