Dlc9g Platform Cable Usb Driver

Problem interfacing Platform Cable USB DLC9G. I decided to take a different route and followed the ug344 guide for device configuration. For my Win7 x64 and ISE 14.7 WEBAPCK I downloaded a ug344_windows.zip dirver stated on p.15, Step 5.2 of the guide. After extracting the files and running the install_xusb.bat as administrator.

I just started working with FPGAs/CPLDs. Coding and simulation went well and now I wish to program a device. So, I bought the programmer plugged it into the USB port.

I di not install any drivers, since the cable drivers were installed during the ISE WebPACK installation process. The message popped up: So, I clicked on it for detailed information: I went to the Device Manager and right-clicked one the Unknown device to update the driver. I manually pointed out the path suggested by @Tut in his comment, but it said that the driver was up-to-date (hopefully that was said about the driver for the cable). I decided to take a different route and followed the guide for device configuration. For my Win7 x64 and ISE 14.7 WEBAPCK I downloaded a dirver stated on p.15, Step 5.2 of the guide. After extracting the files and running the install_xusb.bat as administrator, I got the following message from the console window 'cannot run x86 build of this utility on x64 platform': Any one has an idea if this is a defective device, or it's because of the driver issues?

What's the problem with the driver installation? Should this device be at least recognized as programming cable/xilinx product if no driver is present? It's funny you should ask this. I just managed to successfully install the DLC9G driver for ISE 14.7 Webpack just two days ago onto a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer (a painful experience). There were a couple things I needed to do in order to install the driver: • Despite administrator privileges and performing all installs using 'Run as administrator', I kept getting driver installation failures which included an 'Access is denied' message.

I finally found. Scenario 2 provided the help I needed. This required going to 'User Account Control' and setting it to 'Never notify' and then rebooting. • The next thing that needed to be done was to manually install the driver.

First I went to Device Manager. I then plugged in the DLC9G and noticed the exclamation point over (I believe) 'unknown device' (or something similar) located in 'Programming cables'. At this point, I thought it would be a good idea to right-click over 'unknown device' and select 'Uninstall'. Next I right-clicked over 'unknown device' and selected 'Update Driver Software.' Next I selected 'Browse my computer for driver software'. Next I chose 'Browse.' And pathed to C: Xilinx 14.7 ISE_DS common bin nt64.

I also had 'Include subfolders' checked. Clicking on 'Next' installed the driver and my DLC9G was working! The driver I used came with ISE 14.7 Webpack.

The path I used above was the path for the default installation. I did not use the User guide (ug344) or the drivers indicated in that guide. Item 1 above (the fix for the 'Access is denied' error) also fixed a problem I was having installing drivers for the Microchip ICD3. After correct installation, Device Manager indicated 'Xilinx USB Cable' under 'Programming Cables'. It also indicated 'WinDriver' under 'Jungo' which previously also indicated 'unknown device' (or something similar).

Description This Answer Record gives an overview of how to manually install Xilinx Programming Cable drivers for Xilinx ISE software. Solution The Xilinx ISE Design Suite installer will attempt to install your cable drivers. Across varying platforms and user configurations there can be problems or failures with the install.

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This Xilinx Answer gives an overview of how a user can manually install the drivers without re-running the full installation. Note: For similar Vivado related install/uninstall procedures see Vivado Design Suite User Guide (UG973). ISE: On Windows • Disconnect the Xilinx USB cable. Alternatively, you can disabled the USB cable in the device manager first then re-enable them in step 5; in this case, you will not even need to reboot. • Navigate to bin [nt nt64] or [nt nt64] in an installed area.

• Run wdreg -inf windrvr6.inf install • Run wdreg -inf xusbdrvr.inf install • Connect the Xilinx USB cable. To get sudo access on a machine, file a helpdesk ticket requesting sudo access to install cable drivers. You can check which commands can be run by running '/tools/xint/bin/sudo -l'. To install cable drivers: • Go to/bin/[lin lin64] or /bin/[lin lin64] in an installed area. • Copy the install_script directory to /tmp.