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Russian army of Alexander I ARMY OF ALEXANDER I These phtographs were made from the multi-volume edition of the Russian general staff uniform books after Viskovatov - Istoricheskkoe opisanie Odezhdi i vooruzheniya Rossieskikh; Voiosk'- in the U. S.Army Historical Library at Carlisle Barracks in the 1970's. The original Viskovatov opus was published in 1840 in 30 volumes and included uniform and clothing information from medieval times through the reign of Tsar Nicholas I. In 1899 the Main Intendant Directorate of the General Staff began a second edition in 19 volumes.

A third part with volumes XX to XXVII was published in 1943-44, but the illustrations were not lithographs but photographic plates. We now have Volumes XXVIII and XXVIV published in 1945-47. We will post the photographs of the uniforms from the eras of Peter I through Alexander II in other folders.


Vladimir Zvegintsov (Zweguintzow) compiled much more information in Part IV of his massive Russkaya Armiya. Part IV covers 1801 - 1825 - that is the reign of Aleksander I. Published in Paris in 1973. We are fortunate to have a copy of this marvelous work and hope to add illustrations from it to this section. We are now adding the outline illustrations of Russian flags and standards from our copy of Zvegintsov's Znamena i shtardti russkoi armii, Paris, 1964. Other useful references are; The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) Infantry, 1799-1814 and ( 2) Cavalry - both by Philip Haythornthwaite.

Osprey, London 1987 - and Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (2), by Terence Wise, Osprey, London, 1978. The reign of Alexander I saw major changes to the Russian armed forces.

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The Guard Infantry expanded to 10 regiments. The Guard Cavalry expanded to 8 regiments. The Guard Artillery divided into 2 brigades and Sapers and Mounted Pioneers were formed. Many new regiments were added to the line army. The infantry added Naval and Carabiner battalions and Student units including to train NCO's and musicians. In 1815 the Army of the Polish Tsarstva was created with Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich as commander.

Here is link to our directory on the Battle of Borodino.

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