Ararat Ler Masin Banastexcutyunner

Aug 14, 2014 - Chem uzum goral im siro masin, Sakayn, imacir. Vo´v mardapasht xaghaghutyun, el orn asem qo masin, Mi eresd. Erb qez em nayum mi ler em darnum. Ykav Aran, vor Ararat mnan lernern hayrenyac։.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Etymology [ ] The town was officially named Ararat in 1947 after the nearby biblical. Ararat (: אֲרָרָט;: Արարատ, Ararat;: Ararad). History [ ] The foundation of the Ararat cement was launched in 1927 within, accompanied with the construction of few residential apartments to accommodate the workers. In 1930, the settlement was officially formed as a labour accommodation area, while the cement plant gave its first production in 1933.

In 1935, the settlement was enlarged with the inclusion of the surrounding rural areas. In 1947, it was officially named Ararat after the nearby biblical. With the establishment of several industrial plants, Ararat was developed as a major industrial centre of the Armenian SSR, to become an.

Due to its rapid growth and the gradual increase of the population, Ararat was given the status of a town in 1962. In 1972, it became a city of Republican subordination. After the independence of Armenia, Ararat was included within the, formed through the merger of Masis, Artashat and Ararat raions of the Armenian SSR, as per the 1995 administrative divisions law of Armenia. Geography and climate [ ].

The mountains of Urts at the north and east of Ararat Ararat is situated at the east of the central part of modern-day Armenia, occupying the southeastern part of the, only 7 km east of on the Armenia-Turkey border. Historically, the current territory of the town was part of the Vostan Hayots canton of province of.


At an approximate height of 825 meters above sea level, the town is surrounded by the villages of at the northwest, and at the west and the south. The is located at the northeast of the town, while the mountains of Urts dominate over the town from the east and the north. The town is generally characterized with an extremely arid climate, with low precipitation levels. Winters are cold and snowy, with temperature degrees ranging between -15 and -30 °C. Summers are long and hot. However, the ecology of the town is in danger due to emissions of cement dust and from the gold manufacturing plant. Spider box usb 2007 driver In summer 2005, the impurity of the atmosphere was recorded to be 9.6 times the acceptable norm.

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Climate data for Ararat Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Average high °F (°C) 35 (2) 42 (6) 55 (13) 64 (18) 76 (24) 83 (28) 93 (34) 93 (34) 83 (28) 70 (21) 56 (13) 41 (5) 66 (19) Average low °F (°C) 19 (−7) 22 (−6) 33 (1) 44 (7) 52 (11) 59 (15) 67 (19) 66 (19) 56 (13) 45 (7) 33 (1) 25 (−4) 43 (6) Average inches (mm) 0.9 (23) 0.5 (13) 0.2 (5.1) 0.8 (20) 0.8 (20) 0.4 (10) 0.3 (7.6) 0.7 (18) 0.1 (2.5) 0.5 (13) 0.7 (18) 0.2 (5.1) 6.1 (155.3) Source: Demographics [ ] The majority of the population in Ararat are ethnic Armenians who belong to the. The -based covers the including the town of Ararat. Here is the population timeline of Ararat since 1926: Year 1926 1939 1959 1976 2001 2011 2016 Population 45 2,329 5,412 15,000 20,480 20,235 20,300 Religion [ ] The population of Ararat are mainly Christians who belong to the. The town's Holy Saviour Church is under construction since October 2012. However, there is a large presence of in Ararat, as well as adherents of other religious movements. The statue of Vazgen Sargsyan at the central square Ararat has a cultural palace located at the central square near the town hall.