Alcatel 4200 Installation Program Manual Download

• Alcatel 4400 Advanced Reflexes User Guide Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide. • The Alcatel 4400 PABX System provides you with an extensive range of features that will contribute to better efficiency around the office. This user guide will help you take full advantage of these features.

These instructions only refer to Advanced digital telephones. • Feature codes.1 Main feature codes.1 Feature codes used during a call.1 General description.2 The Programmable Keys.2 The icons.3 The Display.4 Display Keys and the Navigator.4 Additional optional equipment.5 Telephone layout.6 Making a call.7 Making an External Call.7 Redial.7 Making an Internal Call.7 Calling the QUT Information.7.

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• Transferring a Call.11 Making a Back and Forth (Broker) Enquiry Call.12 Making a Conference Call.12 Receiving a Call.12 Call Parking.13 Call Pick Up.13 Forwarding Calls.13 To place an immediate forward on your extension.14 To place a forward on busy on your extension.14 To place a forward on no reply on your extension.14 To place a forward on busy or no reply on your extension.14. • Reading Text Mail.20 Making an Intercom Intrusion.21 Customising your extension.21 User Customisation.21 Programming the Melody.22 Programming the Keys.22 Personal Memory Keys.23 Function Keys.23 Programming the Contrast.26 Programming the Password.26 Programming the Associated Number.26 Programming the Intercom List.27 Checking the Identity of the Extension.27 Consulting the Keys.27 Multiline functions.28. • Exec Mail Key.34 Screened Calls.35 Absent key.35 Overflow Secretary Extension.36 Manager key.36 Absent secretary key.37 Glossary.39 Alcatel User Guide Advanced. • Feature codes Main feature codes Function Voice mail access Outside line QUT Information Cancel an automatic call back Call back last internal caller Call park/retrieve Direct call pick up Group call pick up Immediate forward Forward on busy Forward on no reply Forward on busy/no reply Cancel forwarding “Follow me”. • General description Your Alcatel Advanced extension is made up of 5 distinct zones: The Fixed Keys - By using one of these keys you may access the most commonly used functions. Mute Loudspeaker Handsfree Release Increase Decrease The Programmable Keys Your extension has 19 keys which are programmable either by you or by your installer.

Alcatel 4200 Installation Program Manual Download

• To program the keys on your extension to suit your individual needs consult the section “customising your extension”. There are also 5 pre-programmed keys which allow you to • Temporarily store a number • Access mail services • Automatically redial the last number dialled •.

• legend: Segment Segment flashing unlit The Display Your Alcatel Advanced extension has a 2 line display, which acts as your permanent guide. Each of the two lines on the display may continue on to two or more pages. The presence of another page is indicated by the symbol at the right hand side of the display. • activate the required action by pressing the corresponding display key. After a few seconds, the lower line automatically becomes active again.

Alcatel 4200 Easy Handset User Guide. Getting to know your telephone Disconnect Key Terminating a call or programming. Guide Key To check or modify your programming. To program Personal Speed Dial Press Speed Press Dial number from 0 - 9 Insert the name using the keypad Press.

Additional optional equipment Your extension is equipped with an alphabetic keypad, which is used for mail service functions, the Call By Name function and for programming on the extension. • Telephone layout 1. Gotovie shabloni dlya portfolio doshkoljnika. The display 2.

The soft keys 4. The fixed keys 5. The icons - 6 - 09/01/96 12:30 3. The programmable keys -Alcatel User Guide Advanced.

• Making a call Making an External Call + External Number Alternatively, instead of 0, you can press a line key for an outside line (if your extension is multiline). Redial To automatically redial the last number dialled: Redial Making an Internal Call Extension Number Calling the QUT Information Calling by Name. • If the characters entered corresponds to a surname followed by a first name: Name&F To cancel the operation and quit: Cancel Once the relevant search has been carried out, the display will show the first name found. If more than one possible name matches the characters entered, the display indicates that there are further names (i.e. • numbers available to you. Note: When using the system memory to call an external number, you do not need to dial 0 for an outside line. Leaving a Call Back Request If there is no reply when you call, you may ask to be called back.